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Hey, it's me and Dan Logan!

After the Masquerade it was time to head over to the "Secret Bar". Here's me, Karen, Brian and Sergio.

Cuppa shows off her main talent, having a flat head that you can rest a beer on. If only she was 2' tall and owned a Pizza Place or a Liquor Store. And had no teeth.

By the end of the night, Sgt. Hippie Lover got himself a new nickname, Sgt. Batwing! Be sure to ask him how. It involves Con Rule #6.

And Pvt. Nappy Time got a new nickname as well. Pvt. Bathroom Love. Please don't ask him about that one.

Another panel, this one on Mask Making.

Ruben watching with interest while I do something really cool.

Christine as my Charity Auction helper monkey showing off some cat ears.

One of the last items up for bid that day was Pvt. Bathroom Love's face cast! He of course bid on it himself so we wouldn't turn it into a sex toy. My Little Pony and Sgt. Batwing teamed up with Chris and outbid him! Pvt. Love would bid higher, and My Little Pony would wait until the last possible second before the face sold and then outbid it! This went on for quite a while until ultimately, Pvt. Love bought his own face for $95!! Bad day for him, but a good day for Island Harvest, who we were raising money for!

Amanda getting the horns from me and Dan.

And Dan gets his boob grabbed!

Yummy yummy. I am so going to hell.

Me and Jay. Hopefully he'll be at DragonCon so we can hang out some more.

More fighting.

Goober head!

My badges by the end of the weekend! I was so close to getting one of each, but the damned weekend ended too soon!

My Little Pony!

Santos and Wilfredo! Wilfredo had an awesome time, and I think we've officially made him a Con Whore!

Chris and Christine!

Our dinner crowd eating and relaxing after the con finally ended. We were pretty beat. Of course, Theron is blocking most of the camera there.



And finally, Brian. He just took a shot in the mouth or something.

Well, that's it for ICon 27. As usual, I had a blast! Big thanks to Jeanette, Rachel and Mom for inviting me back as a guest again. To Jen and Brian for inviting me to MC the Masquerade. To my helper monkeys... oh wait, I didn't have any! Amanda moved on and now she's too good to be a helper monkey, and Cuppa was always running around. Big thanks to my crew for the weekend, Drew (My Little Pony), Tomas (Sgt. Batwing), Inigo (Pvt Bathroom Love), and Tony (no current nickname as he just returns the badge with the silly nickname for a new one with just his name on it). And big thanks to Karen and McGuires for letting us throw our secret after party at every year!

See you next year!

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