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Tony headed back to the hotel to turn Jenn into a Half Zombie for the show.

Here she is in her half dead glory!

And the close-ups!

And here she is giving Ruby some Zombie love.

Drew added me to the list of past con guests.

When I first got there, I got my badge, and on the bottom of it was a blue ribbon designating me as a Media Guest. For the rest of the weekend I just kept collecting new ones. Some were added by the directors of those departments, and some were stolen from people who didn't guard their badges well enough.

Here I am MCing the Charity Auction.

Here's Drew! He started the weekend with the Badge name "My Little Pony". That was a hold-over name from SheVaCon, and he spent the whole weekend trying to do something odd in the hopes of getting a new name. It didn't work, and he is still "My Little Pony". Feel free to call him that any time you see him.

Gundam! I think.

Jenn again.

Nat. Hiding and not hiding.

Raymundo the Zombie.

Christine. She and her husband run a booth at most conventions selling swords and other cool stuff, but Icon doesn't allow them to sell those things here.

Tony and Jenn.

Elf! Also known as Jason. He's actually a Fraternity Brother of me, Drew, Tony and Calvin!

Me and Master Shake!

Tony, Jenn and Ruby. Ruby likes the freaky stuff.

Nat taking a picture of me taking a picture of her...

I don't know what that is.

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