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Ahh, ICon! It's that time again. And this time, we had some new friends coming along for the ride. Not only was Drew coming down, but we also had Alejandro tagging along for his first ICon, and Diego who was coming down to attend his first convention EVER!

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After hanging around the con all day Friday, it as time to head to our "secret" bar, McGuires Comedy CLub to meet up with Karen the bartender. She had been e-mailing me weeks before the con and told me she really wanted to see a Stormtrooper.

So, here it is! Karen meets her first Stormtrooper!

The helmet got passed around a lot.

Stormtrooper and Jen!

I don't know if having a Stormtrooper bartender is such a great idea.

Well, he can drink, though!

Some knotted cherry stems.

After we left the bar, we headed back to the hotel. Along the way, Felipe (who still had the badge name "Sgt. Slabber" left over from ShevaCon) earned himself a new name! When we got back to the hotel room, I turned around there was a dirty hippie standing there in the middle of the room. I had no idea where he came from or what he wanted. Carlos told me that he bought a beer off the hippie in the hallway and the hippie followed him back to the hotel room. Apparently this hippie had learned the basics of commerce and charged $5 a beer to drunks in the hallway, and was hoping to turn that sale into a free room for the night. I had no choice but to give him the old heave-ho, but Geraldo ended up with a new name - "Sgt. Hippie Lover".

"THE" Beer.

The next morning it was time to head back to ICon to actually check out the con!

Here's the outside of the main Con Building.

And some dude parked his car on the sidewalk! What's up with that!?!

Another Ghostbuster Van, and again, it's in silver! Do none of these guys have a white car?

The SCA fighting it out on the lawn.

And here's our newbie, Ignacio! He started off with the badge "Z-Lander", but Friday night I caught him walking out into the parking lot outside the bar and trying to lay down on the pavement in the pouring rain. when I asked him what he was doing, he told me he just wanted to take a little nap and to wake him up in 20 minutes. So from then on, he became "Pvt. Nappy Time". Since it was his first time ever at a convention, we decided to give him a little trial by fire and use him as our victim in our live lifecast demo.

So he gets to get covered in goop!

Tony made up some signs for him.

And, Jorge was stupid enough to actually let us mold his face with a tube in his mouth. Tee hee.

Tony and I working on the mold.

Some more of Tony's signs.

And, since Octavio is in the Army....

The de-molding.

And the raw pull.

And here is Pancho with his head! Afterwards, we did tell him that we were going to cast his face in latex and then sell it as a sex toy!

Tony also talked him into being his victim in the Zombie Demo panel! For a first time at a convention, he really got the full treatment!


"Sgt. Hippie Lover" and Natalie.


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