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Sunday came around and it was time for another Charity Auction!

Drew and Gretchen.

Lunch time.

Danielle eating cake.

Gretchen in a Corset.

Ruby and Jenn as C-3Po and Bossk.

Gretchen all cleaned up and in her SpatCave Swag.

Dinner time!

Eric and Gretchen.

Eric in his Darth Revan costume.

Tony and Gretchen.

Drew getting a rub down from Jenn.


Then came the Costume contest! And once again, I was asked to host!

Drew and Rachel.

Mike busting a move with Slave Leia!

Rachel and Gretchen.

Jeanette busting a move.

Jester guy.



The crowds dancing!

Then came the actual contest!

Look, I'm hosting!

Freaky girl with Deaddy Bear!

Buddha as Davey Jones!

Gretchen's crotch area.

Gretchen and Cat!

Numi and me!

Dancing girls!

Leeloo! (I did it better)

Cuppa Spat!

Abbey's chest. For a long while we all thought this was artwork printed on her shirt. Then we realized it was an actual tattoo!

Abbey and me!

After the contest, we headed over to my secret bar. :)

And the next morning, had to send Eric home.


All in all, an amazing weekend! And I can't wait until the next one! Hope to see you there!

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