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Saturday, Tony arrived with Gretchen and he got to work grossing her out for the FX Make-Up Panel of mine.

Doesn't she look lovely?



Drew again!



More Gretchen!

Ruby! Poor Ruby got dragged in to be our victim for our annual "Live Life-Cast" Panel.

Cuppa messing with my camera.

Cuppa took so many pictures of the panel that she killed my battery, and if you flip through the pics really quickly, it's like watching a little movie where Ruby's head gets this odd puss on it and then pops. If you watch it backwards, the puss gets an odd Ruby-like growth on it, then that pops.

Helper Monkeys and some guy.

Big Tom.

Drew being Drew.

Ruby gets ready for his exam.

Drew being naughty.

Abbey calls that a circle. Can you say "Circle"?

Prepping the evil chemicals that we will soon pour over Ruby's head.


Cuppa Drew.


The movie begins...

"This turns me on".

"KISS Army". For those who don't know, Ruby is in a KISS Cover band.

"Lick it up".

"I love McDonalds". Also, Ruby likes to dress up in Stormtrooper armor with a Burger King mask on and go by the name, "TKBK". He's "special".

"Have a bite of my Whopper".

More movie mode!


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