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I say it every year, I-Con is how we start off Con Season with a bang. And once again, this con proved to be a great way to get things started! Drew finally had some time off and got to check out his first I-Con!

Look, it's me!

Danielle and Amanda, my (now legal) helper monkeys.


Danielle, Amanda and Abbey. Three helper monkeys! The Con must love me!

Helper Monkeys helping out at my Mask Making panel.

Look, I'm working!

Danielle with Pinky.

Here's the infamous Chicken Soup fight between Danielle and Amanda.

Mismatched socks.

Amanda being pelted with soup.

Danielle on her ass.

Girl fight.

The fork.

The winner, and new world Chicken Soup Champion! Danielle!

This is also where she got the nickname "Cuppa".


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