Halloween 2008


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Then it was time to head down town to Rehab. We waited on the corner forever looking for a taxi, until we finally flagged down an off duty Limo!

"Don't come near me with that!"

I don't know which camera to look at!

Like it's the first time they've ever been in a limo!

Talk to the hand!

Is Z crying, or passing out?

He's awake!

And he's out!

Ohh, my winky!



"This guy!"

At Rehab, Abhay becomes the Purse Bitch.

School Girl!

Tony is trying to make Drew's head explode.

Abhay and Dana!

Bond, Spat Bond...

Oh the fun we can have with a toy gun we found on the floor!


Upside down Devil!

My holster.


Drew looks a lot like a serial Killer in the shot.

Rebecca calling it a night.

Drew gets spilled on.


Tony, the Viper Pilot!

Spock strikes GOLD!

Tony looks bored.

And then came time for the Heimlich Maneuver!


Well, that was the end of our Halloween night!

Big thanks to everyone who came out! Photos above are from me, Drew, Tony and Bern.


The next night, we decided to have an impromptu Rock Band 2 night!

Belle in her Halloween costume.

The crowd rocking out! Me on Drums, Nat and Z on guitar, and Rebecca belting out the tunes!

Go Rebecca!

Belle was like our Roadie.

Stacy and Steve showed up to join in.

Then Nat and I swapped places. Yeah, I play.

Trin takes the mic.

And Belle helping Nat drum.


See you all next Halloween!


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