Halloween 2008


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Well, it's that time again! Halloween! And after making costumes for everyone else, I got to work on a costume for myself (the last 3 days before Halloween). I also decided to switch out from the big, heavy armor costumes and wear something that didn't require special help to move around in!


Trin (Gypsy Vampire), Chris (Gypsy Vampire) and Tony (BSG Colonial Viper Pilot). Big thanks to Eggroll for all his work on Tony's costume!

Tony gets double teamed!

The crowd gathering for the Village Halloween Parade.

And now, the ceremonial banging of the plastic toys...

Z (on the far left in a BSG Off Duty Uniform that I sewed together with the help of Honcho on the TCF Forums), Trin, Anthony (in his BSG Bridge Officer Uniform), and Rebecca (as a Lunch Lady).

Some nerds dressed up as Star Wars.

Drew (BSG Off Duty uniform also sewed up by me with the help of Honcho), and finally, ME! In my Battlestar Galactica (or Battlestar Pegasus) Viper (or Raptor) Pilot uniform (I had velcro patches, so I could change my affiliations on a whim. Modified by me and a bunch of other people, including Eggroll.


Frank as a hairy guy! Or maybe Chewbacca.

Hector as Snake Plisskin.

Z, taking a picture of his Coke.

Kneel before Zod! Awesome set of Superman 2 costumes!



What a Wookie!

Zombie Girls and Stormtroopers!


Kiss Girl and Kittens on the Kostume Kult float!

School Girl!

School Girl!

Rebecca and Anthony. While we were walking to the train, some little kids were getting ready to go Trick or Treating. They looked at the three of us in costume and tried to figure out who we were. They called Anthony a Cop, me an Army Guy, and Rebecca a Lunch Lady. I don't know what school these guys go to, but do their lunch ladies really look like Rebecca?

Bacon and Eggs!

Very, very scary.

iPhones ROCK!!

Then we hit our usual stop after the Parade, The Cutting Room!

Z - Sober.


Spat, Z and Trin!

Drew discovering they they put Alcohol in the Shirley Temple's at this bar!

The crowd at the Cutting Room!

Tony and Rebecca!

Hmmm... no signs of intelligent life here.

One of the best things about the Cutting Room is the girls dancing in the window!

Hector and Bern (in his standard Trek Original Series Spock costume).


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