Halloween 2005

10/28/05 - 10/31/05


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Well, it's that time of year again. HALLOWEEN!!! And that means a whole lot of stops and fun time in costume. Not like we all don't wear silly costumes all year long!

First stop, Chiller Theatre in Jersey. I couldn't believe it's been a whole year since Belle's last appearance. I think she was completely ruined by going there when she was only 3 months old. Got her so used to being the center of attention. Anyway, this year I decided she needed a costume. So she went as a bat!

Friday - Chiller

Bat Belle!!

Bat Belle got all the attention once again. And she loved every minute of it. By the end of the night, if I went to adjust her wings, she would growl and bite me. And then when we got home, she dug through my suitcase, pulled out the wings and ran off with them. She's officially a costume whore.

Later in the night, Belle tried to climb on George Romero's back as he walked by. Yes, THAT George Romero. He seemed to like her a lot, and she loved his beard for some strange reason.


Saturday, I met up with the ECG folk, and we went club hopping looking for some fun and contests.

Saturday - Dinner and Club Hopping

Paul as George Lucas, and Tracy as the Devil Girl!

Jon as a Slutty Stormtrooper.

Frank as a normal Stormtrooper.

Checking the lighting.

Nat as a Ninja Biker Scout..

After dinner we headed to a place called the Black Finn for drinks, dancing and the contest!

A nice crowd shot! 10:30 pm, only 30 more minutes until the costume contest.


Jon with the 80's girls.

And here are the rest of the 80's girls.

Scary Grandma. 11 pm, only 30 more minutes until the costume contest.

God's Gift to Men.

Little Red...

Little Red dancing with Rainbow Brite!

The Bug head! 11:30 pm, only 30 minutes until the costume contest.

Frank and Tracy!


Hey, it's a Trooper pinning a girl against a wall....

Bumble Bee. 12 am, only 30 minutes until the costume contest.

Headless guy!

Chick messing with my tail.

More dancing girls.

By 12:30, we figured out there was never going to be a costume contest, so we left and headed downtown to a club called Pyramid. They were having an 80's night!!



The Bug likes 80's music!

Jon likes the School Girls!

Pyramid actually had a costume contest, and I won!! Woo Hoo!!

And in second place... ANIMAL!!


After a day of rest, it was time to head down to the Village for the annual Halloween Parade!

Monday - Village Halloween Parade

Checking out the chicks on the float.

Troopers with the chicks!

The next pic of course was the Vulcan getting his ass handed to him by the 2 Troopers.


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The Halloween 2005 Escapade is dedicated to the memory of Bill Hootkins. A dear friend taken too soon.




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