Halloween 2002

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Mmmm..... Legs.....

I love it when they play with the tail!

"Star Wars... La La La, Star Wars!!!"

Me likey Victoria's Secret. And I think I know what the secret is. It's half naked women!!

"So hot, want to touch the hiney!"

My own Hero Sandwich!

Dance, girl, dance!


I just wanna bonk them on the head and drag them back to my cave!!

She loves nothing. But she seems to like the Bug!

Crowd shot.

Lick it! Lick the bug!! You know you love it!

I couldn't help but try and grab those!

Tony found a guy he could talk Army stuff with. I just love that someone blocked Tony out of the shot!

Insect girls!! Where'd I put my Fly Paper Undies?

"Eww, it's a bug!"

Drunk Goth type girls!

Love those eyes!


Dancing Angel girl! Gotta love the little wings! You weren't looking at the wings, were you? Naughty!

Anti-Angel? I'm never sure what the black Angel outfits are supposed to be. But I like them!

Drunks with camera's. Gotta love it!


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