Halloween 2002



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Well, it's been a while since I did a few pages worth of Bug Boob-Grabs. And what better excuse is there than Halloween!

I started off by meeting up with the ECG and 501st members at thier hotel.


"I'll never drink again!"

Then we marched over to the Stardust Diner.

Check out the video of the March. (4 megs)

Stormtrooper feeding frenzy!

Spat need food!

Then a couple of us headed over to DC comics and got a great tour of the offices by Mike!

"I can take him!"

Mr. Freeze's gun!

"Nooo!! I'm melting.... melting..... What a world...."

The Mad Magazine wall. How cool is that?

Wrecking Mike's office!

"One of these is not like the other...."

Then we jumped on the subway to head down to the Parade Route.

Why won't anyone sit next to me? Growing up in NY, I've seen stranger things come out of the Subways!

We got down to the Village and lined up for the Parade.

Mmm... Barbarian Broad....

The Empire City Garrison getting ready for a long march. It's 25 freaking blocks!!

Everyone wants a picture of the bug!

Attacked by Devil Girls!

Some shots of the Parade crowds.

The First Boob-Grab of the night! And on an Ex-Queen no less!

Boob Grab number 2!

Scary Devil / Angel type chickies.

I don't know what she was supposed to be, but it scares me that she ever needed to open her mouth wide enough to have to have it stiched back closed!

"That stings a little!"

Freaky girls!

Those Rebels start young!


Of course, later in the night my hand got all itchy. Damned Poison Ivy!

I don't think I even need to comment. I think I've made my stance clear on girls in Catholic School Girl costumes.


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