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2/14/03, 2/15/03, 2/16/03... uh... 2/17/03... AND... 2/18/03...


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Ward and Natasha getting ready for a brand new day!

And Natasha so bored she's actually reading! I never knew she had it in her...

I went in to take a shower, and found these pics had been taken while I was gone. Hmmm... I wonder who could have taken these pictures? It's a mystery that will never be solved!

So, I'm hanging out at the bar when the Revelations Film folk come up to me and tell me their idea for a skit to put on that night for the Masquerade. They had planned to do a sort of "Dating Game" skit where Gina (one of the actresses from the film) is on stage in costume as her character when the announcer welcomes the audience back after a commercial break. He announces that before she gets to meet the Bachelor that she chose, she gets to meet the ones that she didn't choose. Then they introduce the other characters from the film. First Frank, also in costume, then Shane, Matt and Dale, as Corellian Officers.

Then they bring out the Bachelor that she did choose, and out comes Darth Vader, completely freaking her out. Unfortunately, Zippy was busy with something else at the time they would have needed him, so they decided to go with something freakier. Something that would freak Gina out in the completely opposite way.

They decided on a guy wearing a thong, stumbling out onto the stage drunk off his ass.

Somehow my name up.

Every time I think I'm out, they drag me back in!

Thankfully they didn't have a thong for me, so I ended up in a Jr. Baby Doll "Spat's My Bitch" tee shirt (available at the SpatCave Store), a pair of Sponge Bob Square Pants Boxers, and fuzzy Monster Slippers.

We had no practice, we just kind of talked over what we should do. When the time came I stripped off my clothes and waited back stage for it to happen. Thankfully, there were no cameras allowed in the Masquerade.

So the announcer does his thing, the other guys come out on stage, they call my name, and I stumble out like I'm drunk as a Spat. I check out Gina, then stumble over and land in the arms of Frank! I try to hug him and he pushes me away, so I stumble over to Gina. She's practically holding me up.

The announcer tells us to give a big Dating Game Kiss Goodbye, and when I do, I completely stumble, spin myself around, and then hang all over Frank! He pushes me away again, and I end up back on Gina. We stumble down the stairs and I head back to the green room to change.

There goes THAT plan! Though I did get a lot of comments about the boxers. A few people mentioned that they noticed that SpongeBob had a nose...

Farpoint does Video Tape the Masquerade, and copies of the video are for sale on their Website. How scary is that? More info on that as I find out about it. Maybe I can pay them to remove my part of the tape....

We then watched the Revelations Trailer! Damn was it awesome! If you'd like to see it, check here:

Revelations Trailer

I'm the Biker Scout who gets shot. Later, talking to Shane about the trailer, I couldn't help but mention that it was a great trailer, but needed more "Spat". He didn't agree for some reason.

Then it was down to 10 Forward, the Dance Party of the Con.

Zippy Akbar made an appearance on the dance floor that night!

Looks like this Crewmember has had enough...

Suzanne and Natalie shaking it up!

Matt and Natasha enjoying a slow dance.

Hey, the tattoo is still there!

This is me getting molested by Tristan in the hallway. Don't you feel bad for me? Poor me. :)

While walking to the elevator my camera bag's zipper got caught in her skirt!

"Tee hee. That tickles!"

Uh oh! Tristan and Eugenia got caught being naughty!

"Aiigh! No pictures!"

Breast (or more particularly, nipple) love is a very popular pastime at Conventions for some reason. As Ken soon discovered..

"And the wrist bone is connected to hand via tendons and ligaments. Can you say LIGAMENTS?"

Wow! The tattoo is still there!

Ok, what comes next needs a little preface... Since Natasha and Jen had actually been the ones to come up with the "Spat's My Bitch" logo, I got them each a t-shirt. They promised to wear them, but never seemed to when I was looking! Natasha had told me that she was wearing hers under her Imperial Inspector's Uniform, so I unbottoned her (totally in a non-naughty, perverted Spat way) to show to shirt to the audience.

Here I am starting to unbotton it...

And the rest needs to seen to be believed. And how can you see it? Why on VIDEO of course! (3.7 megs, AVI Format)

And here I am apologizing.

And here she is with me in a headlock! For a little Vegatarian girl, she's deceptively strong. I had bruises on my neck all weekend! And for once I didn't put them there myself because I was rubbing it too often. And for once they were on the neck that comes out of my shirt!

A whole mess of Spat Self Shots! Don't be fooled by imatations! Especially on Rich's Page! Self Shot tm Stealer!

And the Boob Grabbing self shot!

Currupt! Yes she is!

This little debaucle is all because Sean needed help getting his boot off!

Still a little mad at me!

Eugenia all hooded up!

Self Shots!

After last call it was time to let Ken behind the bar so he could steal stuff!

"Bored?" "Uhmm.... yeah."

One sure fire cure for boredom? Let Spat write on you!

So with this being our last night of the con, I looked back on it and realised... My bad reputation is apparently richly deserved. No matter how hard I try to fight it, I like to have fun at conventions, I'm very quick with a joke, or rude comment, and I do seem to flirt more than I should. So I vowed that at the next con, I would embrace my bad reputation! Hold it up for all to see! And make sure everyone could tell for themselves, finally, once and for all whether or not SpongeBob had a nose!

As we all headed to sleep that night, it started snowing. Oh well, what's a little snow gonna do to us? We were planning to leave first thing in the morning and head home...

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