Farpoint 03

2/14/03, 2/15/03, 2/16/03... uh... 2/17/03... AND... 2/18/03...


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"Such a catastrophe.

For you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me."



Ok, every year there are two conventions that happen at the same place, but 6 months apart. One is called Shore Leave (takes place in the summer), and the other is called Farpoint (takes place in the winter). This is important info that will come up again later in this story, so I thought I'd get it out of the way early. Both take place at the Hunt's Valley Marriott outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

I had been hearing all these things recently about my reputation and how bad it had gotten, so I decided that Farpoint would be the turning point for me. I wasn't going to wear a costume, wasn't going to prance around half naked, was going to be nicer, less vulgar, less crude, and more humble to everyone. And that I would flirt less (getting a rep for being a slut it seems!).

It worked for about an hour....

Since Farpoint started on Valentines Day, I decided to print up some Valentines Day SpatCave Tattoo's and give them out to the ladies of the con. They each had a different logo on them, and all had to do with nice things pertaining to Valentines. Of course, "Valentines Day" is pretty long to put on a little Tattoo, so I just shortened it to "VD". Made things easier, and I figured everyone would know what I meant anyway.

Here are the Tats!

"SpatCave.com Gets You Wet On VD"

"Brings You VD"

"Knows U Love VD"

"Wants More VD"

"VD Is Great"

"Get Your Shot Of VD"

"VD Is Where It's At"

"VD Is Great"

"Can't Get Enuf VD"

"VD All Day Long"

"VD Is Cool"

"Lick Me On VD"

"Lives For VD"

"Shares Your VD"

"Hug Me, It's VD"

"Loves VD"

"Likes VD Wet"

"It's Just VD"

"Naked VD Is Best"

And Tattoo #20...

"Wants U 4 VD"

Had to save that one for last. That's Shane's butt by the way. Thought you all should know that.

So, down at Farpoint, at the bar, taking pictures of girls and their Tattoo's, when two men come walking up and stand next to me. They looked familair, but I was a little... buzzed, and it was dark. One guy introduces himself as Eric, and the other as Gary.

Gary proceeds to give me some advice on how to take Gina's picture:

Here's Gina striking a pose. I assure you, she was not posing for my benefit.

When someone mentioned the film "Robot Jox". That's when I realized who Gary was!

It's Gary Graham! Of course, I never saw Robot Jox, but I did like the way he made fun of the film, so decided to add that in. Actually, he was Det. Sikes on Alien Nation.

Gina was really digging him, you can see her sneaking into the pic above, so I took this one for her.

I asked Eric who he was, since it became obvious that he was also an actor. He told me he was also on Alien Nation. I've seen the show, and figured he was someone I just didn't recognize. The next day, I wandered down to the autograph area, and spotted him at his table. He's actually Eric Pierpoint who played Det. George Francisco! I just didn't recognise him out of make-up.

Here's Shane with Jennie and Natasha.

And here's a shot of Natasha's thigh highs that got me a nice beating!

Trooper Love. Matt and Cherie dancing the night away.

Star Wars Revelations is the film I made creatures and aliens for, and this weekend was the premiere of the trailer for it. They also had posters all over for it, and one woman went around having everyone sign it. So I had no choice...

Dale losing his mind.

Matt finds this very funny for some reason.

I wandered around for a while at like 2 am, and got stopped by a guy telling me not to smoke in the building. He said he was a State Trooper, and we got into a little argument (it was cold outside!).

Of course, we ended up going outside together to have a drink and a few smokes, so he wasn't all that bad.

End of day one, and my reputation is no better, but it hasn't gotten worse!

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