Empire Fan Fest

4/17/04 - 4/18/04


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Sunday at the con was all about Mark Hamill. I had no official duties that day, so I just decided to wander around and work off the hangover!

Empire Fan Fest had asked for some Security for Mark, so I had Tony volunteer for it. This way I had a way to get some stuff signed by him! Tee hee, I'm so evil.

Here's a great shot from Tony, of Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett from Empire and Jedi) with Mark.

Mark with his personal security crew. (Photo courtesy of Tony)

And, Mark signing my Luke action figure!! Big HUGE thanks to Tony for getting that for me. (Photo courtesy of Tony)

And here are some shots of Mark doing his Q&A. He's actually a really funny speaker!

More Mark. (Photo courtesy of Tony)

And here the Rebel Legion members are introducing Mark to Shannon Baksa McRandle who is the personification of Mara Jade, a character from the Star Wars novels and comics who later marries Luke Skywalker. So Mark finally got to meet his wife! (Photo courtesy of Tony)

Then Kathy, Albin and the rest of the 501st Troopers that were there presented Mark with his honorary membership into the Empire. He was a little wary about joining, considering the whole "Death Star", and "Emperor Assassination" fiascos.

Then, just to confuse things even more, he was also inducted into the Rebel Legion as an honorary member. Talk about riding the fence!

And here's Heather and I with Bob Bergen who is the voice of Porky Pig on the new "Duck Dodgers" series!

Waiting for Mark.

"Hey, no pictures!"

Big thanks again to Tony and Matt for sneaking me into the line to get my picture taken!

The line for Mark is starting to thin out!

"This is the line of death, cross this line and you die!"

Me, hiding in the corner and printing out the pic of me and Mark. It's good to have a laptop and a portable printer, eh?

Mini Jango!

Heather and Mark!

And then Heather passed out, snapping this pic just before she hit the ground.

Heather on the floor.

John, Hip Hop Grand Master.

Say no to crack!

Mini Rebel!

Curt stealing a pretzel.


Chris! He's an actor whom you can see in the mess hall fight scene in "Analyze That" with Robert Denero.

Me and Christine, the organizer of Empire Fan Fest! She makes it look so easy!


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