Empire Fan Fest

4/17/04 - 4/18/04


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Way back when, Christine, Mario and Jerry had told me that they wanted to host their own Star Wars Convention, and had asked if I would be a guest. They wanted the tag line to read "75% More Spat Than Other Leading Cons!" I agreed, how could I not?

Well, it took a while, but they actually did it! And thus, Empire Fan Fest was born.

Before we get to the pics, let me just give huge thanks to Chris, Mario, Jerry, Meri, and everyone else who helped put this show together. They did an awesome job, and I had a great time!


Here we are outside the con.

When we finally did head in, it took me an hour to walk down one aisle of the dealers room! Everyone there knew me! (Photo courtesy of John)

Albin wandering the con. (Photo courtesy of John)

The front registration area! (Photo courtesy of John)

Then we headed to the bar at exactly 12 noon when it opened! (Photo courtesy of John)

At 2 pm the SpatCave crew and I held our first panel on Costumes, Props and F/X. (Photos courtesy of John)

Then we went back to the bar!

At 4 pm, we held our second panel. (Photo courtesy of John)

And here we are finally back at the hotel bar! Did you like all the pictures we have of the convention? (Photo courtesy of John)

Here I am with my two cousins, Greg and Dolores, who stopped by the convention to see what it was all about.

Here's Sam, Tony and me having some fun.


Lou Tambone (above), and Jeff Cioletti let me sit down and watch "Silent But Deadly 3". A new film they've just finished that stars Heather and I as well as a whole lot of the members of the ECG and NER. It was great! When it does finally get released over at Atom films, be sure to check it out!

John, the Hustler!

AJ trying to get some at the bar! Be sure to check out his website for his C.C. Banana pics!

Tony calling me out! Notice he's wearing his "Got Spat" t-shirt!

Heather, professional barfly.

At Icon, I missed the performance of Aerosith, and promised them that I wouldn't miss them at EFF. So here they are playing! Of course, I wanted to do something a little extra special for them, so I ran up to my room, grabbed a pair of boxer shorts and stuck them down the front of my pants. Then, while they were playing I ran out onto the dance floor, screamed a whole lot, pulled the boxers out of my pants and tossed them on the stage. Then I flashed them for good measure before running out of the room. Still haven't gotten those boxers back!

Another band was all set to go on stage after Aerosith, and that band was Jem! For those who don't remember, Jem and the Holograms was a cartoon from the 80's, and Samantha Newark (pictured above with Heather) was the voice of Jem. More about her a little later...

Here's Walter, our bartender! How is it that at every con, we always seem to find the coolest Hotel Bartenders in the world?!?!

John, giving Heather some sugar.

Lance and I at the bar.

Here's Mike Regan and Samantha Newark playing.

Back at the bar with Michael Sheard (Admiral Ozzel in The Empire Strikes Back, and Indian Jones and the Last Crusade).

Here's the little Snoopy that the actors got as a gift from one of the Star Wars fan clubs (I forget which one), and that Heather kept trying to steal.

Heather and Michael, with Ken Colley trying to give Michael the Devil Horns!

John and Samantha.

Szilvia and Samantha.

Sam, Mike and Szilvia.

And some other girl whose name I've forgotten with Sam. My bad.

John and Mike talking music.


John molesting (or being molested by) Tanya.

And finally, Mike Quinn and his wife with Cherie!


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