Empire Fan Fest

4/17/04 - 4/18/04


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Tanya boobies!

Before anyone gets upset with me, I didn't take these pics! This was apparently supposed to be a test for me to see if I could tell them apart. One set are Tanya's and the others are Kathy's. Hmmm... Thinking... thinking... Sadly, I'm much better at telling nipples apart than I am at cleavage.

Bar folk.

My butt.

This is why you should never stand too close to people playing pool. Those sticks are at a very dangerous height.

Kathy and Zippy grinding away! (Photo courtesy of John)

Tony and Heather (Photo courtesy of Tony).

I was trying to take a picture with Mike Quinn, (Nien Nunb from Return of the Jedi), but Tanya jumped in at the last second and ruined the shot! Evil girl!

And then when we finally did get to take the photo, Cherie jumped in and Mike Boob Grabbed me! My Lawyers are already working on the lawsuit.

Heather with Ken Colley (Admiral Piett in Empire and Jedi).

And me with Ken!

Dancing with Tanya, even though she ruined my picture!

"Look, Walt, we need something to get us really, really drunk, really, really fast! Whatcha got?"

Sign of the Devil, dude!

Dancing time with Sam, Heather and Kathy!

Me and Mike!

And here we have Heather, Sam, me, John and Mike! Can you believe this was their first convention? We definitely popped their cherries!

Sam and I.

Sam and I boob-grabbing Mike!

Sitting with Gary, one of the actors from "The Tower Protocol" that I had to interrogate and do some pretty severe make-up on for the film. I like calling him the Blood Sucker because he kept eating the blood while we were shooting!

And here we are re-enacting our famous scene from Tower!

Walter and Heather!

Walter and me! This is about last call for the bar, so we all gathered up our stuff and headed off to Natalie's room for some drinks. Of course, I happened to forget my jacket in the bar with my cell phone in the pocket! Oopsie! Luckily the Hotel found it the next morning. I blame Walter for making the drinks so good, and everyone at the bar for constantly buying me drinks!

Reaction shot in Natalie's room after my first drink there.

Extreme close-up! (Photo courtesy of John)

But I am feeling better now!

Mike praying to the Green Goblin for mercy. Of course, he was supposed to pray to the Green Fairy. Too bad, because he got no mercy, and ended up still in bed at 1pm the next day!

Nat and Sam watching Mike doing silly things! (Photo courtesy of John)

And Mike does it! Woo Hoo! Poor guy. (Photo courtesy of John)

Me, yapping and telling stories.

Nat and Albin listening in.

John telling some stories.

Look, it's me, drunk, and my mouth is closed! I'm not talking! How shocking is that!

Drunken story time!

"So this one time, I was drunk off my ass in a bar with a gay monkey, a bi-sexual iguana, and a homophobic kitten..."

Looks like a fight's about to break out!

The evil pillow that Heather tried to smother me with!


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