DragonCon 2007

8/30/07 - 9/3/07

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Me and Lara's Boobs.

Nat, Rich and Cherie. Rich is a mad chick magnet.

Nat cropped out, Rich, Cherie and Dickie.

Rich getting some advice from Evil Spat. "I say you jump up on the bar and take your pants off!"

Evil Spat giving kisses to Gretchen.

Me and Super Girl!

Rich and Cherie.

Dickie and some Andorians.

Dickie and Nat.

This definitely has the makings of a Star Trek Episode. Marilyn Monroe, a Starfleet Captain and a Roman chick.



A TIE Fighter full of straws. What the hell is this thing?


Evil Spat Boob Grab!

Evil Spat doing shots!

Evil Spat smoking!

Later in the night, the Wolfe Brothers and their team decided to make Marvel Zombies! They made something like 30 Marvel characters as Zombies. And then, during the course of the night, if they found other Marvel characters, they would kidnap them, and paint them as Zombies as well. So they were, in fact, infecting new Zombies throughout the night. Here's a pic of Tracy as Zombie Black Cat!

Facehugger victim.

Nat's evil shots.

Gretchen and the Hookah!

Katy and the Hookah!

Katy blown down by the Hookah!

Then it was time for the REAL night time festivities, which meant changing into my Speffner outfit.

Drew and I with some of the ladies of the con.

She assured me that her shirt was see through. She was right!

Allison getting shots from Nat.

Now, since the Miss SpatCave contest was taken away from me (long story, but be sure to e-mail DragonCon to complain), so we were looking for something fun and naughty to do in it's place. That's when Scooter from Con Sluts.com contacted me. At first we were looking for a place to hold an off campus version of Miss SpatCave, but then he got a suite we could use in the Hyatt, and he decided we should throw some kind of party. And then I remembered the Naughty Mardi Gras Party that we threw at Chiller a few years back. It's the one that got me banned from the entire Sheraton Hotel Chain for life. It's a simple premise - Every guy that comes in the door gets a set of Mardi Gras beads, and the girl with the most beads at the end of the night gets a big cash prize. There's a lot more detail to it, but that's all you get to hear, since I don't want you stealing my party! This time we made it a BLT (Bikini, Lingerie, Toga) party instead of Pajama. We also had a group of five celebrity judges come up for the contests, as well as a group of celebs that showed up in case one of the other judges cancelled. That didn't happen.

Lara in her outfit.

Me and Kevin. Best line I heard all night was, "Hey, Hercules, get off the fucking furniture!" That made my night. (Photo coutesy of Nat)

Anthony with Aaron.

Richard with Aaron. It was pretty funny, Richard was looking to meet Aaron because he's a fan of Galactica, and Aaron was looking to meet Richard because he's a Star Wars fan.

Jen and Ruby.

Nat and Aaron.

Nat all by herself.

Allison and Lara kissing.

Model Sun Karma.

Allison and Drew.

Tony giving a hand massage to Katy.

That's just messed up.

Three of our contestants for the party.

Aaron and Ceasavier. For those who have seen my other DragonCon escapades, there are a set of twins at the con named Ceasar and Javier. And every year I finally can tell them apart by the last day of the con, but when I look at the pics, I'm lost. So this year, I've decided to just give them a new, collective name, which will be - Ceasavier! Big thanks to them, it was their room that we held the BLT party in.

At the end of the contest, I was about to announce the winner when Aaron decided to ask a tie breaking question of all the girls! Of course, there was no tie, so it was a bit confusing. My theory is that the question asked here was, "Am I a Cylon, yes or no?"

And this was the infamous, "If you could be any kind of a tree, would you play with my wood?" or something like that.

He's the man. Or someone who looks just like the man. Almost like the man's evil twin.

And here's me and Scooter! If not for him there would be no party! The party was hosted by Scooter, Gonzo and ConSluts.com. And they had gotten some awesome sponsors, like Adam and Eve, Wicked Entertainment, and a few other companies, who donated these great "swag" items for the contestants and the contest winners!

And here are the finalists with Scooter!

And me with the final winning girls.

And Drew in the pile!

After the party ended, we grabbed some drinks, grabbed Aaron, Anthony and Drew, and headed to the hotel lobby to drink some more.

Aaron and Anthony.

Aaron and Drew.

Aaron and me.

We left the hotel at 5:30 am, and went home. I had a 10am panel the next day which I made it to. I was the only panelist, so it was me talking and teaching mask making for an hour, and after only 3 hours of sleep.

Later that day, people started coming up to me and telling me that Aaron barely made it to his panel at 11am, and that he was very obviously hung over. And they all blamed me! I bumped into Aaron in the Green Room later in the weekend, and he had also heard the rumors, and was a little upset about them. He assured me that he was the first one to arrive at his panel, and that he killed during it! I had to remind him that he may have killed in his own mind, but the reality could be very different. Hopefully someone took video of the panel and can set the record straight!

Big thanks to my judges (listed by first name only to protect the guilty) - Richard, Ken, Aaron, Paul and Alexis.

Big thanks to Ceasavier for letting us party in their room, and to Scooter and Gonzo for putting the party together and letting me MC it. Big thanks to Drew for being the stop watch guy.

And of course, big thanks to all the ladies who participated, and to everyone who showed up!


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