DragonCon 2007

8/30/07 - 9/3/07


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Monday, is of course, the sad day. The day when everyone is leaving, and many of us will not see each other again for a whole year!


Me and Mary Alice.

Damien and I.

Me and Ceasavier!

I really felt bad for these guys, they went through all the trouble to throw these amazing parties, and then the next day, everyone at the con would come up to me and tell me how much fun they had at my party the night before. I tried to tell them that it wasn't my party, I was just attending it, but I was told that any party I go to becomes a Spat Party. So I just had to deal with it.

Sean, Richard and Ceasavier!

Me and Sean.

Me and Vin.

Tony and Katy.

Ceasavier, Richard and Ceasavier.

Me and Richard. It was really great seeing him again.

Me and Anthony. Glad he's back, and doing ok.

And here we are at the airport as the Post DragonCon depression kicks in. So sad, so sad.

So, the wrap up.

Big thanks to:

Pat Henry (runs DragonCon); Brian Halloway (for putting me on the Costuming Track Panels); Fin (for being Fin); Tony (for working the camera all weekend); Drew (for working the stop watch, and for finally popping his DragonCon Cherry); Anthony (just thanks for being over there, and coming home); Dickie (for keeping your pants on more often than not); Rich (for officiating the Spattle); Richard LeParmentier (for being a judge, and for helping us out with the new Spat Gone Wild DVD); Alexis Cruz (for being a judge); Ken Feinberg (for being a judge); Paul McGillion (for being a judge); Aaron Douglas (for being a judge and getting me in trouble); Chriser (for helping out with the ride from the airport); Kevin Sorbo, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Matthew Wood, and the other Celebs who showed up to the party to be judges after we already had enough; to everyone who bought some Spat Swag; all the ladies who made out with each other in front of us; Scooter, ConSluts.com, Gonzo, Adam and Eve, Wicked, and everyone else who helped out with the BLT Party; Ceasavier, Mouse, Vic, Tom, Sean, and Spud (for always having a place for me at your parties); Cat and Diane (for bringing down my costumes and stuff, and then bringing them right back), Cat (for brewing SpBeer with me, which was a huge hit at the Saturday night party!); C.C. and Brian (for competing against me, maybe next time!); and to everyone else I may have forgotten along the way.

I had an AMAZING time at DragonCon this year, as usual, and I look forward to doing it again next year!

Oh, and for those who were asking about the Miss SpatCave contest. It's gone. Why? Well, here's what I was told -

DragonCon decided that it was too big to continue the way it was going. Since it was a big contest now, it needed a more famous host to run it, so that took me out of it. DragonCon does not consider me a Celebrity, to them, I'm just a Panelist. They were moving it to a bigger room, and they wanted to change the name because they worried about having it under someone else's name for liability reasons. So they decided to call it "The Dragon After Dark Contest (Formerly the Miss SpatCave Contest)". I asked if I was going to be a judge in the contest, and was told, "no". "So, if I'm not a judge, and I'm not a host, if I want to see this contest, will I be standing on line outside to get into it?" And they basically said yes. I would have nothing to do with it. So I told them they couldn't use my name anywhere near the contest if I'm not going to have anything to do with it. You can't use my name to promote an event I'm not at (unless your name is Leon).

So, other than the name change, they told me that it would still be the same contest. But then, they added a couple of small changes, just to make it better.

First, it would no longer be for women only, it would be co-ed because no one wants to see a whole line of half naked women if there are no guys mixed in!

Second, it would be toned down, and not as naughty. Now, we advertised the Miss SpatCave as NC-17, but that was DragonCon's idea from the start. In reality, our contest was PG-13 at best, and I tried to get the NC-17 thing removed because otherwise people would be coming to watch expecting to see hard core porn stuff on stage, but was shot down from the start. So, if we were PG-13, and they wanted to tone it down, that would make the new contest PG.

Third, since the Miss SpatCave was too short at like 3 hours (sorry about that, we tried to be as quick as we could), DragonCon decided to make the Dragon After Dark contest a Sketch Event. What does that mean? Each contestant has 3 minutes to perform a skit on stage. So, in theory, had they gotten as many contestants as we did, they would still be holding the contest right now (a week later).

And lastly, since no one really wants the $400 in cash we gave away for winning the Miss SpatCave Contest, the Dragon After Dark contest gave the winner a Certificate and some DragonCon Dollars. I would love to know how many DragonCon dollars, so if anyone went to the contest, please let me know. I'm curious.

So, again, if you enjoyed the Miss SpatCave contest and want it brought back, please contact DragonCon and let them know.

And if you liked the Dragon After Dark contest, also let them know. I wasn't there, so maybe that contest was better than mine, I don't know. But this rule is good for anything at the convention. If there was something you saw there that you liked, be sure to contact DragonCon and let them know to bring it back, and if there was something you didn't like, let them know that as well. This (and all) conventions are there for the paying customer. If there's nothing at the con that you like, you will not pay to come to the con, and then sooner or later there will be no con. Without fans, there can be no cons. So it's in the con's best interest to program all the things that you guys want to see. But they can't read your minds, you have to tell them!

And make sure you tell them that you want to see More Spat!! Never enough Spat! Wooo!! Go Spat!

See you all next year!


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If you have any questions, E-Mail me. Spat@spat-nospam-cave.com