(And, space permitting, some pics of Star Wars Celebration 3)

4/21/05 - 4/24/05


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Mini Vader and his Mini Clone guards! I have to say, the kids in their costumes were more fun to see than the adults. Sadly, I didn't get very many pics of them.

Sean! He used to be stationed at FOB Speicher in Tikrit, Iraq, where my good friend Tony is stationed now. We're all glad you made it home ok, Sean, and we all hope Tony will as well!

Mearle's tattoo, done by Eric at the convention! Sweet ink!

See how bad I am? I take a pic with a beautiful woman and then block her out almost completely with my huge head!

Me and Phil! Phil is from the UK and is friends with my buddy Harry, who has apparently told Phil stories about me, and Phil really wanted to meet me. Later that night we called Harry in the UK at like 7am his time just to say "hi!"

You're never truly drunk, until you're Rich Drunk.

It's like the mommy Jack and Diet with the little baby Jack and Diet.

I think I spent 45 minutes with my camera on and pointing at this girl, waiting for her to lean the wrong way so I could get a naughty pic. She never did... :(

This poor girl is getting crushed by Lance and I!

End of the night Steak and Shake run.... again...

Dan and Alan at the Steak and Shake.

Wookies love Steak and Shake.

The next morning it was time for the official 501st group photo. Sadly, it was at 7am, and I had only gotten home a few hours earlier. But it was great seeing everyone lined up together!

After that last photo, my battery died, so I have no more pics from the weekend. :( Which means that I have NO pics from SpatCon 2!!!

I headed over to The Ram, and Richard Leparmentier (Admrial Motti in Star Wars) sat at our booth for a second to say hi. While there, Chris came over and said, "Hey, weren't you in Star Wars? Not you (pointing at Richard), weren't you in Star Wars Revelations (pointing at me)?" Richard got the joke, and proceeded to leave the table laughing hysterically.

Then it was time for SpatCon.

For those who don't know what SpatCon 2 is, it was the "Official, Unofficial C3 After Party"! It was held again at Lotus on Sunday night, and once again, it proved to be the highlight of the weekend. For more info on SpatCon in general, check out my Celebration 2 page.

We got about 10 of the actors to show up again, and this time we had 3 lovely ladies dressed in Slave Leia costumes dancing in the cages!!

Zach sent me this one of himself being molested by some local ladies.

Sam sent over these pics of her having a good time, and one of her with Rich, and he is Rich Drunk!

Sam also sent me this one of Alan and Jerome taking a little break.

And this one is from Rich. I have no choice but to assume the girls are paying him to go away.

Some great pics from John (Kegboy). Eric giving Alan a tattoo, John with Zach Jensen (Kit Fisto), Zach with Anu and Kristen, me with Zach, me with Jesse Jensen (Saesee Tiin), John boob grabbing me, and me with Simon Williamson (Max Rebo).

Keith and Tracy sent over these pics. Me with Tracy, Julie, Kathy and Tracy dancing in the cage, J.P. and Leon dancing in the cage, Kathy all signed up, and finally, Albin getting a tattoo from Eric.

And some general pics from Dan, not from SpatCon, but from teh weekend. It's me kissing Dan, a whole group shot of the whole gang, Nat and me, Alan and me, Eric and me, Me looking knowledgeable, me looking very happy, and a bunch of us hanging out after SpatCon in a hotel room while Eric did some more tattoos. That boy is a tat machine!

About 400 people showed up to party that night, and we had a great time!

At one point, Fin set me up by having Julie and Tracy drag me over to the cages, and stuff me in with one of the Slave Leia's. Of course it turned out to actually be J.P. in the Slave costume. Then Leon, also dressed in a Slave costume joined us in the cage and we danced for a while. It was very, very scary. Revenge will be mine!

The next day, everyone made a point to stop Leon and thank him for what soon became known as BritCon. Note to self... kill Leon...

Since I have no pics of my own of SpatCon, what I will do is ask people who were at SpatCon 2 to send me over pics that they took. Please keep it to only 3 or 4 of the best pics, and if you have a page with other pics posted, send me the link and I'll post them below.

All told that weekend, I think a lot of people had fun, but were still not very happy with the convention itself. The lines were too long, the place was too crowded, and didn't seem very well organized. Of course, it was still better than C2. And of course, the party Sunday night seems to have been the highpoint of the weekend for those that showed up.

Who knows, maybe we can do it all again at Celebration 4!!

Big thanks to everyone who came to the party, and to everyone who helped out this weekend and watched Jedi House, or bought a SpatCave, Jedi House, or SpatCon 2 t-shirt, or a Spat Gone Wild at DragonCon DVD!

Spat Gone Wild at Celebration 3 DVD's coming soon...



F16 Warbird's Pics

Rich's Pics

Sam's Pics

Mos Eisly Port Authorities pics


Well, that was my weekend. Hope you enjoyed it!


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