(And, space permitting, some pics of Star Wars Celebration 3)

4/21/05 - 4/24/05


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Obi MnM.

Darth Peanut!

Kurt and Rich!

The Star Wars Darth Vader car!

Falcon car!

X-Wing car #1.

X-Wing car #2.

A real X-Wing!

Eric inking some fake skin.

Shannon with Chewie.

Darren in an awesome Chewie costume with Rich.

I have a funny feeling that from this range, even a Stormtrooper can't miss. And I don't think a turned off Lightsaber is much of a threat.

Rich and a Clone Trooper.

Lego Obi Wan!

Me and Alan Ruscoe (Lott Dodd and Plo Koon in Episodes 1 and 2). He's owed me $20 for the last 3 years, since Celebration 2. When he saw me at the bar, I was first shocked that he even remembered me after all this time, and secondly that the first thing he did was reach into his pocket and pay me back! That's some memory on that guy!

The Brits have invaded! I tried to warn everyone, but I couldn't remember if I was supposed to set one of them on fire if they were attacking by land, or set two of them on fire. So I tried to set them all on fire just to be safe.

"You stink!"

It almost seems like they want people to think that if you don't smoke, you'll live forever!!

That night, after every bar in town threw us out, Jerome, Dennis, Fin and I wandered back to the Steak and Shake (a food joint open 24 hours a day, that happened to be on the way from the bar), when we saw hundreds of people lined up outside in the freezing rain waiting to get tickets to see George Lucas doing his QnA. Jerome got really angry that these people were left out there freezing with their children (it was sooooo freaking cold out there). So we went into the Steak and Shake, pooled our money with our group, and Leon and his group of Brits, and bought EVERY CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE THAT THE STEAK AND SHAKE HAD. Sadly, they only had 240 hot chocolate packets. But we figured it was better than nothing. So, once they got the hot chocolate boxed up, out we went and started handing it out to the people in line who were stuck outside the building.

The people were quite shocked that we did this, and kept asking if we were from the convention.

As it took so long for them to make all the cups, we had it brought out as quickly as it was done.

And in the meantime, Fin and I waited at the point where the last box ran out, so we wouldn't get lost.

It was so cold out there, by the time we finished giving out all the hot chocolate, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. How these people stayed out there that long, I have no idea.

Afterwards, we all went back to Steak and Shake to get something to eat. A little while later, someone came in and said that they had heard what we did, and went to White Castle (the only other place open at that hour), and bought the last 50 cups of hot chocolate that they had. Hopefully that helped ease at least 290 people's frigid fingers that night.

Big thanks to Jerome, and everyone else who helped out that night. I'm so sorry I don't remember everyone's names.

The next day, I told someone about what happened with the hot chocolate, and they mentioned that it seemed very out of character for me to do something nice. Leon of course, has a history of doing charity work (he is the guy who ran the NY marathon in Stormtrooper armor after all!). So we were all pretty sure that somehow Leon would get all the credit for it.

Later, Leon came up to me and told me that Star Wars Insider was going to do an article on the Hot Chocolate incident, and that they were also going to be giving Leon a trophy for organizing the whole thing. Note to self... kill Leon...


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