(And, space permitting, some pics of Star Wars Celebration 3)

4/21/05 - 4/24/05


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Well, it's been three years in the making, but it's finally time for a new Star Wars film! And that means, it's time for another Star Wars Celebration. And THAT means it's time for another SpatCon!!

C3 was held in Indianapolis, Indiana... again. And this time it was supposed to be even bigger, with an actual live appearance by the man himself, George Lucas.

Without further ado, here are the pics and stories from the weekend...


Chris from the German Garrison of the 501st who wanted to kiss the ring of the man he'd heard so many stories of. In case you were wondering, that man was me.

Danny, showing me his camera for some reason. Maybe he just stole it from some drunk girl.

Self shot!!

The ladies of the Japanese Garrison watching Jedi House on my new PSP (love that thing!!).

Rich Sober with Albin hiding in the background. And my grammer has not gone wonky, there is a reason I wrote the caption that way, which will become more apparent later.

Julie, Fin, me and Kathy at the bar.

Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy...

Kathy and Ken (the "Elvis Trooper").

J.P., Fin, Kathy and Julie. J.P. should look happier when surrounded by women. That's just my opinion.

Dawn and Kathy arguing about who spent more time waiting on line that weekend.

Dan showing off his new finger.

Nat getting friendly.

Ken!! Looks to me like he fully believes that cameras do steal your soul.

Larry and Frank! Big thanks to these guys. I met them on the plane and they gave me a ride to my hotel.

My bodyguard.

Dan giving me some love.

"I'm a freaking Admiral!"

Me with Richard's VIP pin, which I stole, and which was later stolen back from me by Richard's son, Tyrone.

We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news....

C.C. has thrown down the gauntlet!

Ok, here's the inside scoop for all that don't know:

C.C. has been making a name for himself as the young upstart coming up through the rankings and now claims he is ready to take me on for the title.

That's right folk, the challenge has been issued, and DragonCon will be the place. So for those who are going to be at DragonCon 2005, you may be a witness to the ultimate FanDom challenge ever!!

A Spat Off!

Or, as we're now calling it:

The Spattle in Atlantle!

The rules:

At 11 pm, Sunday night at DragonCon, in the Hyatt bar, C.C. and I will enter the bar, fully covered in robes so you can't see our costumes. The announcer will introduce us, then the bell will ring. We drop our robes and reveal the costumes, and will have one hour at the Hyatt bar to see who is more Spat in word and action.

A team of 5 judges will determine the winner.

The prizes:

Winner gets a Spat Trophy, and the right to be called Spat for the next 6 months. Which means, if I lose, I will have to go by my real name! And the main page of will be re-done with my real name as well. Also, the loser has to drink a Mat Shot. For those who don't know, a Mat Shot is made by pouring all the spilled crap that ends up on that little rubber mat that drinks are mixed on in the bar into a shot glass. Ewwww....

So, the fight is on! Which one of us can be Bigger, Badder, Spatter?!?!?!

We now return you to SpatCave's C3 coverage, already in progress.

Jerome Blake (Mos Amedda, and many other characters in Episodes 1, 2 and 3)

My 4 day badge which I upgraded to a Volunteer badge, and then upgraded to a Press Pass (Thanks Dave!!).

The local bar/restaurant, Ram, named itself the Official Bar for the 501st during Celebration. So they had Star Wars stuff all over the place, as well as a special Star Wars menu, AND a special menu just for 501st members with discounts for members and for anyone in costume. Needless to say, the place was packed pretty much all day and night.

Me and Sam!

Sam's cleavage.

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