California Trip

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11/14 - 11/19


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Checking the zoom on the schoolgirls!

I still have no idea what the hell this thing is.

Three for one happy hour!!

Cops, act casual!

Lynn spilling stuff on herself.

For some reason, I don't think that lipstick matches any that we were wearing.

Here's my Strawberry Pina Colada. That pink swirl is the Strawberry part. Yummy.

Calvin's Strawberry iceburg.

A hat.

Some crazy Mexican people.

Calvin's ear.

Drunk guys that were yelling at us.

Vive, La Revolucion!!

Mexican necklace selling girls!

Me trying one on.

Zoom test.

Dan getting pissed and walking away.

What is this? A door with the number Ocho on it. Hmmm... What could be behind it I wonder? Quite the mystery, isn't it?

Calvin abusing the girls on the bus coming back from Mexico. We almost missed the bus because we were a little drunk.

The girls from the bus wanted to come out drinking with us so they followed us around for a bit. Calvin was really drunk and insisted on hanging out the back of the Convertable screaming at everyone while I was holding onto his belt to ensure that he didn't end up as road kill. All the while he kept screaming at Dan "Spat's got his hand on my ass!".

After we stopped to plan where to go, I stuck Calvin in the car with the girls so he'd be a little more safe. The girls of course were in trouble! Calvin left his Cell phone in our car, so I decided to get a little revenge! I called Calvin's Mom and told her that I was Dan (whenever Calvin tells stories about our adventures, he makes me out to be the bad guy, and Dan to be the sane, sober one who makes sure we get home safe. For some reason she saw through my bluff and figured out who I was. So I proceeded to tell her all about that first night and the fight, but made sure she knew it was Calvin and not me that did all the bad stuff!

She told me she knew it was him for some reason. So we chatted some more and then hung up.

When we stopped to pick Calvin back up, I told him that I called his Mom, and he told me that I couldn't have because I didn't have her number. Tee hee. I'm a bad little boy.

Once back in San Diego, we headed to Open Bar for some more drinks. Not that we needed them!

Why does this guy insist on flashing me?

"Don't you dare take that picture!"

Oh yeah, he looks happy.

"I am so tired of babysitting your drunk assses!"


"I like big butts and I cannot lie."

Chug it, chug it!

Tell me this guy doesn't look just like Michael Biehn from Aliens and Terminator?

Girls wearing crowns. I guess it's a fashion thing down there!

"Bar's closed, go home!"

Oh yeah, we were all a little drunk that night!

I cannot believe Hicks gave ME the Devil horns!

"Like, I am so totally bored here, gag me with a spoon!"

At about 2:30 am we headed to the beach to watch the Meteor Shower. Damn, it was cold out that night!

"No more yanky my wanky, the Donger need food!"


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