California Trip

11/14 - 11/19


"Well, I'm packing up my game and I'm a head out West,

Where real women come equipped with scripts and fake breasts."

-Kid Rock


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Well, people have been inviting me to the Left Coast for years now and I've just never gotten around to going. But when Calvin and Dan decided to move out to San Diego, I decided to tag along while they looked for places to live and to basically check out the scene.

We also took a whole lot of video of the trip, but I'm up to almost 600 megs of website these days, so I may just offer them as a downloadable Zip file. I'll have to see how big they are and if they even seem interesting. But, here are the pics!

I have no idea what that is, but it was hanging from a tree! It looks like a cocoon, and since they say that blondes grow on trees in California, mabe there's a new one wandering around that just hatched!

Me driving around in the San Diego sun. Gotta love the fact that it's November and 85 degrees!

Calvin, who oddly enough hates to be out in the sun, yet wants to move to California!

Back at the hotel getting ready to head out for dinner and some drinks.

Tony happened to be on our flight out to San Diego, so we actually had the chance to take him out to dinner for his Birthday! Ken and Lynn showed up and we all headed out to the beach area to have a good time.

Me and the Birthday boy!

Tony and Lynn.

Dan, Fernando and Calvin. Fernando and Dan met when Dan set up an Outback restaurant in California. Now Fernando manages Rick's Restaurant in San Diego.

Lynn and Ken.

Calvin and I enjoying being out of New York!

Eww! Oyster shooters! They actually wanted me to eat these things!

I tried, but it was a little too gooey for me.

See, sometimes when Calvin drinks, he takes things a little too literally. This is what happens when I tell him to "Bite Me".

Here are some of the people we met at "Open Bar".


On the way out of the bar after last call, two guys blocked off me and Calvin at the cross walk as we were crossing the street to go home. One got in my face, and the other got in Calvin's. He started yelling at Calvin for hitting on his girlfriend earlier in the night. I was worried about the fight that was about to start for almost 4 seconds. Then I noticed that we had a good 80 pounds on each of these guys.

So Skinny White Boy Number One is yelling at Calvin, and Calvin is looking at him like he's crazy. When all of a sudden, Calvin just pops the guy in the mouth! I was shocked! I've never seen Calvin take a swing at anyone in my life!

Skinny White Boy Number Two starts to run over towards Calvin, but I grabbed him and told him to grab his boy and just leave. At this point I noticed the Bouncer from Open Bar had seen what was going on and got off his stool to go over and break it up. He looked at the size of these guys attacking us, and then sat back down on his stool and shined the flashlight on us while laughing the whole time.

I looked over to see what was going on with Calvin and saw Skinny White Boy Number One was swinging at Calvin like a Fourteen year old girl in a cat fight. There was a whole lot of arms over the head kind of flailing, and I actually started feeling bad for him. Calvin was gonna slaughter him if I didn't end it soon. So I walked over and broke it up, and told Skinny White Boy Number Two to take Skinny White Boy Number One and go home.

Even the two girls that were with the guys were yelling for them to leave, and this includes the girl that Skinny White Boy Number One was all pissed about. And yes, Calvin was hitting on her, but she did stick her tongue in Cal's mouth, so I think she has some of the blame on her side.

So we walked away laughing because our first night in town we got into a bar fight! Not only that, but we won! Now that's a first!

Calvin warning all Skinny White Boys about what's waiting for them!

"We are the Champions!" Ok, it really wasn't much of a fight, but we were really drunk, so it seemed like a huge victory!

Dan of course missed the whole thing because he was sleeping in the car at the time.

"Sting like a Butterfly, float like a Bee!! Wait...."

Ok, so we were really drunk.

The Skinny White Boys were in the car behind us following us for a while, Calvin and I kept trying to talk Dan into pulling over so we could whup them again, but with Dan being the only sober one in the group, we headed back to the hotel.

And here's our hotel!

The next morning, Calvin called his Mom and told her the whole story about the fight the night before, but instead of telling it the way it really happened, he told her that it was me that beat up the Skinny White Boy. And the whole time he was doing it, Dan was sitting there saying "that's just wrong" over and over again.

Some San Diego scenery shots.

Ahh, breakfast at IHOP!

Some more scenery shots.

Gotta love California. Where else would you see two identical yellow Mustang Convertables stopped next to each other at a light?

Since Dan and Calvin were working on looking at apartments and stuff, I decided to head North and see the rest of the West Coast.

Ken came down and picked me up to bring me up to Anahiem.



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