California Trip

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11/14 - 11/19


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And where else can you see a "People Crossing" sign on a Freeway?

I think this is the DOW Silicone Factory.

Up in Anahiem we bumped into Mark and picked up Lynn. We then headed up to LA!!

In LA we went over to Universal City Walk and met up with Angela. Angela is a girl I met at Club Med Cancun many years ago. She's been inviting me out the California for about 12 years now! I finally made it!

The "Spat Bobble Head Toy"! I know it'll be on everyone's Christmas list.

Damn, that's a big guitar!

Nice place!

Why does everyone stick their tongues out when I take a picture?

Angela and I posing.

Howling at the Moon!!

The next day Angela and I headed over to Hollywood to wander around.


Angela used to work for the Arsenio Hall show at Paramount, so she was able to get me onto the lot to wander around for a while. Unfortunately it was Saturday, and nothing was really going on.

Now this is a great shot of the Hollywood sign taken from the Paramount lot!

Angela's dog, Dino.

That night we went to dinner in Ventura, and then to a Martini Bar. While there, Shannen Doherty showed up. Gotta love California!

The next morning Angela and I headed to Santa Monica to meet up with Ken and Lynn again and to wander around. Alex and his girlfriend Tara also came down to meet up.

While having breakfast at "Ye Olde Knight's Head", in walked Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter). Again, gotta love California. And gotta love watching Ron Weasley scratching his crotch a whole lot.

Ken eating... well, something.

Me and Alex in Santa Monica!

Then we wandered out to the pier to see what all the hype was all about.

Ken looking very confused by the juggler.

I wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel, but was outvoted.

Crazy guy feeding Cheez Doodles to the seagulls.

Lynn, Ken and I on the boardwalk.

Angela and I posing and Ken sticking his hand in the shot for some reason.

Puking Stegasaurus!

Then it was back down to San Diego to meet up with Dan and Calvin to make sure they keep out of trouble.

We headed to "Dick's Last Resort" for a drink, and when I went to take a picture of Dan, this girl wandered up and kissed him on the cheek!

Dan and his jumbo Corona!

Our crazy waitress.

Calvin looking for a Skinny White Boy to beat up.

Group shots!

The next day it was time to head down to Tijuana!! That's right, Mexico!!!

Driving to the border!

Last Exit in the US!

We bought tickets for the bus to Mexico, but for some reason when Dan bought his, they asked if he wanted one-way, or round trip! So we spent the day threatening to leave his ass down there!

Dan praying we let him come home with us!


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