Big Apple Summer Sizzler '08

6/6/08 - 6/8/08

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Mason Reese.

Phil, the head of Security. I asked him to take a pic of me and Big Kev, and he turned the camera the wrong way and got a pic of himself. I thought he was doing a skit of some sort!

Then he got a pic of the inside of his hand and I started wondering about him.

Then he snapped this one, and I figured out that he has no idea how to use a camera.

So I had someone else take it. And here's me and Big Kev from KRock and the Opie and Anthony show..

Anthony and Chase.

Me and Chase!

Anthony and Yancy.

Me and Yancy!

Pete with Malcolm McDowell.

Drew with Malcolm.

And me with Malcolm.

Me with Johnny Brennan (Jerky Boys and Mort Goldman from Family Guy).

David and Joaquin with Johnny.

Joaquin with Jason Mewes.

Mike Carbonaro as the Joker.

Tony and Christine.

Me and Doug Jones.

Batgirl and Robin of some sort.

Chase and Mike.

Joaquin showing off his lunch boxes.

Joaquin and Mrs. Jones.

Our Volunteer staff! Remember, if you want to Volunteer for a future Big Apple Convention, contact the Convention. As a Volunteer you get all sorts of fun swag, backstage access to the show, a chance to meet and hang out with the celebs, and it makes the con much more fun than actually paying to get in (in my opinion).

Mike and Joaquin.

Mike getting a little crazy.

Mike and me!

Yancy and Mrs. Jones.


Well, another convention over. What a weekend. Big thanks to everyone involved at the con, to all my volunteers, helpers and staff. Hope to see you all at the next show.

Remember that the next Big Apple show will be November 14 - 16th 2008.

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