The Adventures of Andy Bear in London

9/17/02 - 9/24/02


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Calvin and Andy back by Big Ben.

We decided to stop for some Ice Cream. Even though it was pretty cold out.

While walking down the street, Calvin suddenly punched me in the arm. When he did, I clenched my fist, breaking my Ice Cream Cone. Half a second later, Calvin said, "Punch Buggy Blue" and ran away laughing.

And here are the victims. My Ice Cream Cone, and poor Andy who was so upset he pretty much stopped talking to Calvin after that.

Calvin laughing and teasing poor Andy with his Ice Cream.

Later that night at the Argentinian Restuarant at the bar with some of the locals. Then it was back into the center of London.

Calvin and Andy at the Hippodrome. They weren't speaking at this time, but they took the picture.

Then back to O Bar for a night cap.

And Andy picks up another sexy red head.

And then Calvin tries to cock block poor Andy while he's working his Mojo.

The next day I headed up to Rugby (3 hours by train, bus and train again) to meet up with Brian, another prop maker. We spent the day making stuff trading tips and stories on props and other geeky things that no one else would be interested in.

We got back to London pretty late, and Calvin, Andy and I went to the Argentinian restaurant for our first flavourful meal in London! Here's Andy busting Calvin for smoking!

And here's Calvin forcing Andy to smoke so he'd shut up!

For our last day in town we wandered over to Kensington Gardens and abuse the Peter Pan statue.

Andy spent the morning abusing the ducks. He likes ducks.

Then it was off to Picadilly Circus and a shot with the Harry Potter Cow.

Here's our last British Breakfast.

And here's Calvin pushing away Andy when Andy went to hug him goodbye as we split up to head to our different airports. Poor Andy.


Calvin's pics and video coming soon, so be sure to check back!


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