The Adventures of Andy Bear in London

9/17/02 - 9/24/02


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There were a lot of things I really wanted to do last time I was in England, but since I was only there for 3 days, I kinda missed out on a lot. So I decided to head back and this time spend a week in London with Calvin and see what kind of trouble we could get into.

Before we left, Drew gave me this little NYPD Teddy Bear to take with me and get pics of it with the girls we'd meet. I didn't really think much of it at the time, but once I got there, the little bear just took over the trip and ended up in every picture! So the entire week just ended up being me and Calvin following "Andy Bear" (as we were calling him) around and taking pics.

So Calvin and I looked into going, but since Calvin had Miles with Continental he went through them. He ended up flying from La Guardia to Cleaveland, then to Gatwick in London, while I flew from JFK to Heathrow on British Air. Yet, oddly enough, we both arrived at the hotel within about 5 minutes of each other!

Ok, here are the pics:


So, here's Andy Bear having a beer in the JFK bar before the flight. He gets nervous flying and needed to take the edge off.

After he went through three air-sickness bags, we finally arrived in London! Here he is in the taxi on the way to the Hotel.

We met up with Calvin at the Hotel, but the room wasn't ready yet, so we had four hours to kill. We headed for some coffee!

When we finally got into our hotel room we were shocked to see how small it was. There were two beds crammed in the room so closely, that we could each sleep in a bed and have one foot on the other bed. At the same time, Calvin could have one foot on the balcony, and I could have one foot in the bathroom. Not a whole lot of room for the three of us.

Andy made a new friend in London!

Poor Andy. Waiting by the phone for his new Britsh Bear friend to call. He never did. :(

Me saving Andy from jumping off our balcony at the hotel.

Here's Andy at the Queen's Theatre in London where we met up with Harry Harris (see the last London story for more info). He was there working on the play "Contact".

Then the four of us went out to the Pub for a Pint. Harry had to get up early, so he left and the rest of us went into Soho to wreak havoc.

We bumped into these two really drunk girls and wandered around with them for a while looking for a good place to drink.

One of the girls fell down and Andy immediately lunged into her lap. Maybe to help her up, but who knows. He was pretty drunk by them himself.

We wandered Soho for a bit, then found a cool club that looked interesting. We went up to the bouncer and he looked us up and down and told us that this was a gay bar, and we'd be happier next door. Thank God two drunk Americans with a Bear look straight.

So we ended up at a place called O Bar.where we met this little number.

And her drunk friend. Andy seemed to be having fun.

The next morning Andy and I woke up early and decided to abuse Calvin while he was sleeping.

The we met up with Geoff T. Another prop maker who took us around London to show us some of his favorite sites.

Andy looking very happy posing with Big Ben.

Then we headed over to the Imperial War Museum. Andy is pretending to be Indiana Jones here. Too bad there's no audio, he spent the whole time screaming the Indiana Jones theme while hanging off the tank gun!

Andy on the Sherman Tank.

And ready to be fired out of a canon!

Andy doing his "Slim Pickins" impersonation! "Yeeehaaaawwwww!!!"

Calvin and Andy praying to Satan in the Mock Up of a British House from the 40's.

Then it was off to this big airsoft shop with Geoff. Calvin and Andy admiring the size of Lara Croft's.... guns....

Andy calling that British Bear.... again....

Then we headed over to a Jazz Club called Pizza on the Park to meet up with Ricki Benson and Askin Arsunan (see the Bodrum '02 page for more info on them).

The Jazz singer got on stage, and I could swear he'd forgotten the words to the songs. He sang exactly like my 6 year old cousin did, making up the words but instead of actually using words, just using strange sounds in their place. We sat there figuring maybe we just don't know enough about Jazz, and he's actually really good but we're too stupid to appreciate it.

We later asked other people who "knew Jazz" what they thought of him, and invariably they all said he sucked. So it wasn't just us.

Askin haggled the bow tie off of the waitress and then did his Charlie Chaplin impression!

And here's the waitress with Andy. After this we headed back to Soho to do some more drinking....


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