The Adventures of Andy Bear in London

9/17/02 - 9/24/02


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Here's Askin, Andy, Calvin and Ricki at O Bar!

The next day we headed over to Shepperton Studios to meet up with Bill Pearson. He worked on such films as Alien, Battlefield Earth, Red Dwarf, and most recently on the new James Bond film, Die Another Day. He took us for a tour of the studio, and of his workshop, and we had some drinks at the studio Cafe.

Andy likes to break all the rules!

Here we are holding a gun from Battlefield Earth. Andy was getting a little uppity.

And here's Andy in a helmet from Lost in Space.

Big huge thanks to Bill for taking the time out his schedule to show us around, and to Geoff for setting it up for us.

Trying on the hat, just wanted to make sure it still fit....

Then it was out to the bars again looking for some fun.

Andy ended up hooking up with this Irish lass.

After a few more beers, Andy was pretty toasted.

And ended up counseling this poor drunk bloke. Either that or he was trying to steal his wallet. We were never too sure.

We hopped a cab with the two girls and headed back to the hotel. One girl almost puked in the cab, so we ran out really quick!

As we got out, these other two girls were coming out of an Argentinian restaurant/club that was in the basement of our Hotel that we had never noticed before!! How sad are we?

We followed them back to their hotel, and one girl decided that Andy should be an Undercover Bear.

The next day it was into town to do the whole tourist, sightseeing thing. Andy of course made time with our cute red headed waitress.

Then it was off to Buckingham Palace!

Calvin and Andy at the big gate.

Yes, we wore the hats all over London!

Andy and Calvin hanging out.

Andy at the Westminster Cathedral.

Andy at Westminster Abbey.

Here's inside the Abbey. Whatever an Abbey is.

That's right, this is the grave of the Church Plumber. How cool is that?

Andy kept doing that whole tapping Calvin on one shoulder but being on the other side trick. He's so crafty.

Look kids, Parliament!


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