Wizard World Philly '09

6/19/09 - 6/21/09

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The awesome chalk art of Eric Maruscak.

Me and Cerina Vincent (Areole from Not Another Teen Movie).

Anthony, Tony and me with Edward James Olmos!

Me and Mike Hogan (BSG).

And they're real.

Army of Two!

The Max Brooks Zombie Panel!

Tony and Max Brooks.

Jen in the Information Booth.

Tonner Dolls.

Infamous Aisle 600.

The Kaiju Big Battel guys!


Graham doing some Zombie make-up.

And then the show was wrapped! So it was time for dinner and drinks!

Froggy trying to eat me!

Benji having dinner!




The Wizard crew relaxing after a very long weekend!

Our Registration Team!

I am the Mack Daddy of Wizard World!

The Boob Grab experiment!

Crystal and I.

Look, a girl actually touched me!

The Charlie's Angel pose!

Anthony pretending he's popular.

Yes, Froggy is wearing Gold Shorts.


Big thanks to everyone at Wizard, all my Volunteers, Tony, Anthony, Rich, Bern, and Kitty. Big thanks to all the Artists, Writers and Comic Creators who came to the show. Thanks to all the Media Guests who attended the show. It was my first time being involved in a show this big, and it was an absolutely amazing experience! And I can't wait to do it again!


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