Wizard World Philly '09

6/19/09 - 6/21/09

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For those who don't know, I was recently hired by Wizard Entertainment to be the Convention Coordinator for the Wizard World Conventions. My first duty? Wizard World Philly! I had a big old 2 months to do everything I could to get the show ready, and then it was time to head to Philly and put on a show!



YEAH!! Chainsaw baby!

And then KITT arrived. Sweet!

Here's the Philly floor being put together and arranged the night before the show opens.


Anthony and Rich getting ready for the con!

Alan looks like he's moving in for a Boob Grab!

Wizard's own evil Bunny!

That is one stinky head. And the Bunny smells, too!

Graham pointing to "The Man".

Hanging out at the bar after a pretty successful first day!

Then I bumped into Matt Serra the MMA fighter!

After knowing me for only a couple of minutes, he decided I needed a punch!

Holding court at the bar.

Tony makes a new friend.


Chatting with Shi creator, Billy Tucci.

It's a wild bar here in Philly!

Ruby, Bern and Jenn hanging out at my bar. Yes, it's my bar.

Ruby pretending he's popular.

Extreme close-ups of Jenn.

Ruby's brain.

Chris pretending he's popular.




Two of our illustrious Volunteers! I would ask you to guess their ages, but you would never be able to guess them!

The 501st make a stand!

Zombie Costume Contest participants!

Hells to the Yeah! The Fear Werx Booth!

Kitty! My Artist Alley Volunteer Captain!

Zombie Hunter!

At Wizard World, we're serious about Crowd Control.


The BSG Panel.

Tony with Jamie "Fury" Kovac from American Gladiators!

Jesse and Ol' Painless!

Tony and Matt Serra.

Me and Michael Papajohn (the guy who killed Uncle Ben in Spider-Man)! He really likes robbing people!

Tony and Michael.




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