Week 2

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Steve, the on-set photographer.

Jack DPing. That actually sounds a little gross.

Josh and Shane also looking a lot like something out of "Raiders".

Graham looking as if he's watching the most amazing thing ever!

Erica and Jenni in shadow.

Pete, the Alien guy. I guess the 12 hour ride from Canadia really takes something out of you. (And don't bother e-mailing me to tell me that I spelled Canada wrong, I can spell things however I want to.)

Heather's head being painted up by Graham to use as a severed head in the film.

Some kind of freaky, mutant butterfly living in the Quarry.

Kurt, the Hippie sound guy. That's right, sound guys are all Hippies. They sit around all day listening to headphones like Hippies. That is my opinion and I can have it if I want to.

Oooh, scary walls...

A good Director can always be found asleep on some rocks in the middle of the night.

Cat, getting ready for a Hangin'.

Scott, looking like he's about to tear out my throat.

Kurt, the Hippie.

Steve, caught completely off guard.

Shane, smudging the camera screen.

Heather's head all painted up and ready to be used in the film.

Graham playing "Head Ball".

Me with Chaney, who plays Del Amico, the young Private.

Sadly, before Heather's head could get used in the film, Graham had everyone sign it so he could keep it as a souvenir. :(

Ooh, a Green Screen. What will it one day become?

SpatCave Trenches Crew Hat! A very hot item on set!

Me and Lee, the Visual Effects Supervisor.

And the lovely view out my window as we drove to Atlantic City to drop off Graham.

Well, that's it for week 2. I'll have week 3 up very soon!

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