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Week 2 brought us back to VIrginia, but this time we were getting ready to start a week of night shooting. So while week 1 had us on a schedule of 6am - 8pm (ish), week 2 had us working from 6 or 7pm - 6 or 7am. Rough stuff. But week 2 also brought me to New Camera Day!! Woo Hoo!! So here are some pics of me testing out the new camera.

Here's Cat in the week 2 hotel room.

Jenni looking through the STACK of pics that Graham took during week 1. And he took all the pics with a camera that actually uses FILM. Ewww Pictures you can actually touch. The nerve!

Graham. The touchy picture man.

Spat! Yeah! Go Spat!! Woo!!

Cat's boxers.

While relaxing in the hotel room that night, I got a call from Shane asking if I wanted to see the Aliens. Needless to say we RAN over to Pete and Scott's hotel room to check out the Mud Skippers! (Also known as Froggie Thingies, or Froggie Bastards, or Goblins. Don't ask)

Here's Jenni with Orlando. He plays Drayce, the Heavy Gunner.

Me, videotaping the Alien costumes. Too bad I can't show the pics of them! Pete and Scott did an amazing job on them.

Graham after being kicked out of the room for touching me where the bathing suit covers.

The next morning we all went out to breakfast, and here's Orlando and his giant Orange Juice.

Since we didn't have to be on set until 6pm, we had the whole day to play around. And we suddenly needed to make Alien blood and slime. So here's Scott, Graham and I mixing up some funky concoctions to use for blood and slime. Either that, or we're making a really bad lunch.

Sam doing her homework while Aaron (who plays Andrews the Evac Officer) watches and makes fun of her.

On set, here's Jack, Shane, Aaron and Scott going over the shooting schedule. You can see my Prop Tent in the background. Maybe you can look close enough to see some of the props!

Graham walking by Scott, who is carrying his +1 Baseball Bat of Assistant Directing and Spat Bane.

Week 2 also saw us trading in our sunscreen for ponchos, when it decided to rain all night. And as we all know, they mostly come when it rains... Mostly.

Graham looking for something new to cover in blood.

Someone's hotel room. I'm not saying whose.

The crew on set getting ready for the next shot.

These shots kind of remind me of Raiders of the Lost Ark for some reason.

The walls are closing in!

Sean and the "A" Camera team setting up. I think this is one of my most favorite shots.

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