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Dicky sunbathing.

Then it was time for another Birthday!

Another cake! Oh no!

This time it was Scott's birthday.

Scott showing off his custom made Rossdale Alliance Dog Tags. His Birthday gift from the SpatCave team.

Vicky doing her Conan pose!

Everyone hanging out watching the fight rehearsals.

Graham and his funky undies.

Vicky doing some make-up touch ups on Mercy.

Scott giving me his angry face.

Me, with Kurt, who at one point accidentally hit me with his boom pole, and then after, came up to me and asked, "we cool with me hitting you in the head with my boom pole?" And that started our little game of trying to find the phrases that sound perfectly normal on a film set, but would sound dirty anywhere else.

The redheaded SpatCave Crew!

After we wrapped the first week of shooting, we all wanted to go out and celebrate. We ended up at a local Cheescake Factory and kind of took the place over.

We did have to tell Scott that we were actually going out for his Birthday, or he wouldn't go.

Scott in his Birthday Cape.

Mercy eating.

Graham getting the Devil horns.

Hong trying to stay warm.

And here's Graham's hand after Cat slammed the car door on it on the way home. And then laughed when he said it hurt.

Well, that's the end of the first week of filming. But there are still 3 weeks to go, so be sure to check out those pics (once they're up).


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