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Graham got bored and made some Gut Pizza.

Sam showing the scars on her butt where she kept stabbing herself with the scissors when she went to stick them in her back pocket but missed.

Didn't know he owned a bank!

Cat jumping in the shot.

The mirror in the hotel room that Erica broke within about 5 minutes of being in the room.

Jenni, who for some reason cannot keep her eyes open for a pic!

We wandered out to the common area outside the hotel and soon ended up hanging out with the actors from the film. Graham had a bottle of wine, but no one had an opener, so Lev decided to use Cat's multi-tool to push the cork in instead. Hey, it worked!

Scott and Erica huddling for warmth while Sam jumps in.

The left over Lev's Birthday Cake. More cake... Grrr!


Me! Woo Hoo! Me!

I think that's Erica trying to stick her hand down Lev's pants. I have no idea why.

Sam and Orlando.


Hong of course, is the only person to show up to the party with no shoes on and her hair in a towel. But she did bring an iPod and speakers, but all she has in her library is Gangsta Rap for some reason.

Orlando and Erica.

Mercy arrived at almost midnight and decided it was time to work out. After this, she showed us all her normal "Morning Ritual". But you'll have to wait for the Behind the Scenes DVD to see that!

Lev's cake again.

What was left of the SpatCave crew at that odd hour. Group Self Shots are pretty tough.

ManTech! Where they make or fix men. Or something.

Cat showing off her drink of choice.

Everybody working.

Jack and Shane working.

"B" Camera.

Smoke rings from the Smoke Machine.

Dicky sporting his SpatCave Swag.

Sean and "A" Camera.

Steve and Scott.

The man himself, Shane on top of the mountain!

Scott yelling at someone for something. It's probably me. He yelled at me a lot.

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