Toronto Comic Con '10

3/24/10 - 3/29/10

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The floor all set up before we opened the doors.

The Stormtrooper Shooting Range.

An Artist Rendering of Froggy.

Me wearing the UD Replicas Wolverine Jacket! SWEET!

Me with Dave from UD Replicas.

Green Lantern Soranik Natu and Mrs. Fantastic, Sue Storm. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Emma Frost (who dressed up as Dark Phoenix in the costume contest and should have won) and Silk Spectre. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

ShadowSpat takes revenge!

Tell me that sticker is not DEAD ON.

Kevin stopped by. He's a Colonial Marine who refuses to order my armor!

David Richmond Peck from V and The Day The Earth Stood Still punching me out.

ABC sent David to the show, and it was one of the crew from there that was really drunk the night before and sitting right where my jacket was. So David made a call, and about an hour later the crew from the party showed up with my jacket, and my Passport! WOOT!! I can go home. But do I really want to?

Magda marked her Volunteer. CLAIMED!!

Magda Apanowicz (Caprica) sporting the Supes shirt with me and then punching me out! See how she put her whole body into it? That's a punch!

I don't usually shill for our guests, but if you ever see Magda at a show, go up and talk to her. She is an incredibly unique person and gave the most amazingly detailed autographs at the show. Every signed photo came with a story.

Josie Lee in her Purple Dress punching me out! Another girl giving me the full Body Punch. No lazy jabs here!

And once again, it's time for VOLUNTEER SWAG!! Here's some of the autographs and free art that my (awesome) volunteer team got at the show!

Doug and Derek played Dueling Shoulders.

It's good to be a Volunteer!

Yeah, Oh yeah. :)

Donna Milburn, she was the Slashing Nurse in the Silent Hill video game. Here she is sporting some Cobra Boob Armor!

Carol Zara with the Jab!

Spat Swag! Here's Shane Kirshenblatt and Kurt Lehner. They were so happy with the work my team did at the show, they rewarded me with a gift! A faux cover with me as the victim, and the little Alien Heads! AWESOME!!!

This was in the Volunteer Break Room. I have no idea who did all these drawings. Anyone?

Then it was time to say goodbye, and close out the show and head to Gabby's!

My Staff wristband.


My staff badge. Which broke. :(

Me and Geoff!

We told the bartender about the party from the night before. She said there was an amazing Poutine shop right near it. I asked, "what the hell is Poutine?" Shambooty explained that it was French Fries, covered in Cheese and Gravy. Shocking.

Ryan, the Chef came out to thank us for getting him a pass to the show and walking him around introducing him to all the celebs and asked if we wanted anything to eat. What else could we ask for?

Rich and our Poutine!! Had I known about this stuff before, it's all I would have eaten all week! It's freaking AWESOME!

Rich and I commented that this is one of the few times that we were 110% sure that there is no spit or hair in our food. Ryan loves us.

Shambooty doing an impression of one of our guests at the show. I'm not saying who.

Lance and Geoff touching Shambooty's soft hair.

Shambooty's booty.

And her back-tat. NICE!

My beer. That's right, I'm drinking beer. Why? I drank Gabby's out of Jack Daniels. There was none left.

The Wizard Crew, Crystal, Rick and Jimmy, getting photo bombed by Shambooty.

Lance and Crystal and another Shambooty photo bomb! That girl is off the hook!

Froggy and Crystal.

I'm not really sure what's going on here.

This one confuses me even more. Froggy, Shambooty and Tara. No idea.

This one is also a mystery.

Closing down the bar! Here's the Gabby's crew! Tara, Ryan, me and Shambooty!

Big thanks to everyone at Gabby's for making us feel at home. If you're ever downtown in Toronto, head to Gabby's on King Street West and tell them Spat sent you! I won't get you anything, but at least they'll know you went to the website! And plan on this being our main hub for next year!


The CN Tower! First is the view from my hotel, and the other two I took while walking around it before heading to the airport.

While walking around, the wind blew this wood construction wall away, and it almost took out a car! I ran up and held it down until the construction crew could get it back in place. Yeah, I'm kind of an International Super Hero.


Here's that final piece from the Wizard Booth. I saved it to hang in the Wizard Office.

My Froggy Photo with Jewel. Yippie!

My gift from Bazza and Matt. Nice language!

This was sent to me by my buddy Paul who printed the Volunteer and Staff shirts.

And that's the end.

Big thanks to Wizard for letting me come to cons and party, AND paying me to do it! Woo Hoo! Thanks to all my Volunteers and Staff for all their hard work, couldn't do the show without you! Thanks to all the artists, media guests and exhibitors that came to the show. Thanks to all my Costume Contest Judges and everyone who sponsored it and participated!

By the way, I bought a Pedometer to see how much I walk at a given show. It capped out at 36 miles Saturday at about noon or so. It just stopped working!

And if you've never been to Toronto, go. It's a gorgeous city. It's like they took all the hippest, fun parts of NY and just dropped them off a little more North.

See you all next year!

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