Toronto Comic Con '10

3/24/10 - 3/29/10

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First off, before we get to Toronto Comic Con, I have a couple of pics left over from Mike Carbo's Comic Book Marketplace!


And here's me with David Roya from Billy Jack.

And here's Belle watching me pack to leave for Toronto!

Ok, so... Wizard acquired the Toronto Comic Con, and it was my job to head up there and organize Artist Alley, help out the Autograph Area with the guests, organize the Volunteers, set up the programming and panels, and a million other things on top of it.


The night before set-up day, Rich and I wandered around, checked out Silver Snail Comics, bumped into the guys from Bad Kids Go To Hell, and stopped for a drink at the Black Bull. Nice place, but the rest rooms confused us. One door said "Foxes", and the other said "Vixens". I don't think I'm a Fox.

So we left there and we all met at a local place called "Gabby's". I had never heard of it, but apparently it's a chain of restaurants up there. Since I had never been to Canada, or Toronto, I had no idea.

Froggy looking all Irish.

Tara, our bartender, giving Rich his "Loaded Corona". Rich claims it's a common thing to pour flavored Tequila into a Corona and drink it. But the only flavored Tequila they had was a Tequila Cream. Ewww.

Yeah, it's kind of... chunky.

Rich insists it still tasted good!


The empty hall being set up.

The gap between the doors in our Volunteer Break Room.

That night Microsoft had an 80's themed party for the release of X-Box Live Arcade. All the servers and staff wore Mullet wigs! Of course, in the 80's, it wasn't called a "Mullet". It was called a "Haircut".

Here's me with the stuntman who played the infamous Gorn Captain in that Star Trek episode, Bobby Clark. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Bobby, Doug Jones (Silver Surfer, Abe Sapien), me and Derek. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Me with Bazza Wernick. He co-wrote a series of comics called "Bad Kids Go To Hell". (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

The crowd at the bar! (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Me and Carol Zara. She's the host of Digitally Blonde, and is G4 TV's #3 Girl of the Web! (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Me with the Reality TV crew. Murtz Jaffer is the host of Reality Obsessed, and Jimmy is the Spat of "I Saw You On TV". Yes, that's a title now. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Me bringing a drink to Froggy? Is this backwards world! (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Me with my boss, and the founder of Wizard Entertainment, Gareb Shamus!! (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

I have no idea who this guy is. (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

Yeah, it was an open bar. Froggy was holding me up! (Photo Courtesy of Mike Ciurleo)

After the party we went back to Gabby's. Someone from the party who came with us was very drunk and Max Brooks (author of World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide) was still there finishing dinner. The girl with us kind of trapped him in the corner, said she never read his books, but knew everyone in the "biz", and kept calling him "Matt". The next day I changed the title of his Q&A at the show to the "Matt Brooks Zombie Survival Q&A". Next time you see him, be sure to call him Matt. :)

After that, I headed out to another bar to meet up with the local 501st. And I barely remember getting home that night!


SAW PUPPET!!! And, it's the ACTUAL puppet from the movie!!

This is Heather, she was my Toronto Comic Con assistant. The other volunteers started calling her "Spat's Shadow", which we later changed to "Shadow Spat". Some of the artists talked about created a new Super Hero character for her!

I was trying for a forced perspective thing, but Rich is a moron.

Here's how it was supposed to look.

Shadow Spat with Vader and the other members of the Canadian 501st!

Me with the Bad Kids! Those Bad Kids guys know how to make people want to hang out by their booth!

While putting together the show, I was looking for some fun things for the Canadian 501st to do at the show, so I stole the idea of a shooting range from the UKCM on my trip to Leicester.

And they stick!

Roy tries to un jam the Vulcan.

ShadowSpat (yes, it's all one word now) opens up with the Vulcan!

And then goes in for the kick!!

Cameron Stewart (Batman and Robin) left some gifts on the Wizard Booth table. Now we have to charge him to replace the tablecloth. Graffiti is bad.

This guy brought his own date! I bet if he wishes hard enough, maybe she'll become a real girl!

Back to Gabby's after the con, Shambooty (our other bartender) just kept stacking drinks on me! It's like she knows me!

While at the bar, I was flipping through the program guide for the show, and Shambooty saw the pic of Max Brooks and said that she read the book and loved his writing. I pointed out that Max (or Matt) was sitting right there in the booth having dinner. She freaked a little and I said I would introduce them. I went over to Max and told him that the bartender was a big fan. He came over and reached over the bar to shake her hand, and she walked away. Max looked at me with death in his eyes thinking this was a set-up. She came around the bar, grabbed him, and literally waltzed him into the kitchen! I assume she was introducing him to Kyle (the chef), who was also a big fan.

Scott! Scott is one of my Colonial Marines, and was one of the creature handlers on Trenches. And by "Creature Handler", I don't mean "Male Escort", "Fluffer" or "Boy Toy". Or do I?

It's good to be me! At the bar with my ladies, Josie Lee and Cathy St. George.

Double Boob Grab on Geoff, he's the founder of Shocker Toys.

Me and ShadowSpat!

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