The New York Tattoo Con


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So we headed to a Goth club called the Bat Cave!

Girls dancing on a stage. What more is there to say?

We bumped into Venus (see the Blade 2 and Resident Evil pages for more pics of her). Everyone was blowing up balloons that night...

Let's see if we can guess why George is making that face? I'll give you a hint. 2 seconds later, all those people behind him ran off covering their noses!


This girl (woman) is a Grandmother!! Can you believe that? But, damn, can she dance!

"Hello, Kitty!"

Here's a little naughty-ness: an up-skirt shot of Kitty! I'm evil, I tell you!

Yes, it's yours.

Damn, big balloon....

Can't really think of a comment right now.

"Gimme some sugar, Kitty!"

George and Venus.

Gotta love girls that blow in public. Was that too rude?

Mmmm... Pixie girl.....

George pretending he's with this girl.

"Get out of my picture!!"

Die Kitty, Die!!

He's got a big pink boob on his head!

Light dancers.

More balloon blowing... She seems to enjoy it.

Poor, lost balloon...

Here he goes again....

Go, Dancing Grandma, GO!!

The freaks come out at night.

Well, he's finally having fun.


George got a new friend!

And she's still dancing!


Onward to some more!

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