The New York Tattoo Con



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So I got a call from my cousin George telling me about a Tattoo Convention in NY. What the hell? I go to all sorts of freaky cons, why not a Tat Con?


By the time I got there, George had a few drinks in him, and was out flirting with all the con ladies. (This is what they get when you have 2 fully stocked bars in the middle of the Con!)

Then Gino showed up, and we almost had a fight between George and Gino over this "Special" lady.

Some con shots....

Gave George the camera, and this is what I get.

Gino waiting for a bus (had to do it).

George and Gino. I like how Gino is about to give the Devil Horns to George.

Remember this girl from the Webster Hall pics? Check the Blade 2 and Resident Evil party stuff.

Looks like George found himself a new woman!

Remember her from Chiller? I can't believe how many people I know were there.

George going for the freaky German girls.

Ok, we got a little drunk, and ended up doing a little too much shopping at this one booth. We bought T-shirts for all our little Cousins. Stuff, that sober we really wouldn't have bought for kids from the age of 6 to 13.

George getting a little flirty with the sales girl, and man, does she look pissed!

Here's the other girl running that booth, she don't look too happy, does she?

Little group shot. It's always sad when someone gives themselves Devil Horns!

Here she is bagging up some shirts we bought. And damn, did we buy a lot!

Then I bumped into Shiela! Haven't seen her in forever!

The guys running this booth were going to pay this guy $100 if he stripped down right there and put on this Thong. He cheated, and pulled it on over his underwear. He didn't win the money, but they let him keep the Thong.

I'm sorry, but I do love their slogan, "Our Clothes Get You Sex!".


Then we decided to go hit a club and do some serious drinking! Read on if you dare!


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