Marine Helmet

Marine Helmet
Marine Helmet Marine Helmet
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Always wear your helmet!  You never know what you might find out there!!

Our helmets come in 2 ways:  Steel or Plastic.


Actual steel pot helmet converted to a Marine helmet just like they did it in the movie. All helmet parts (ear flap, camera, and frontal lobe plate) are riveted, or screwed THROUGH the steel. In other words, they are not going to fall off. The helmet also has an accurate resin cast camera lens, and the two lobster plates hanging off the back of the helmet. The lobster plate strapping is also threaded THROUGH the steel, as opposed to just riveted to the liner. The ear flap, camera and lens are cast in durable resin. The ear flap has a donut cushion for your ear, and an accurate microphone and boom. Also, the camera lens can be unscrewed and a real Pentax lens can be attached in its place in under 30 seconds with no tools.


We now also offer a plastic version of the Steel Pot helmet. This light weight version is more comfortable to wear, costs a little less, but looks almost exactly the same! Check out the pics. The real steel helmet is on the left, and the Plastic one is on the right. The Steel Pot helmet weighs 4 lbs 1 oz, while the Plastic one weighs only 2 lbs 1.6 oz. 

Please note that the helmets will no longer automatically come with a helmet liner.  They're getting harder to find as they become more rare (they're not being made anymore!).  This will also help some of our Marines who have really large heads!  I'll be posting a tutorial to show how to pad and wear the helmets without a liner.  It's quick, easy, and saves you a few bucks!

We also offer optional Chin Straps.  These are accurate, Vietnam style Chin Straps that are usually surplus, or unissued straps.  If you order a Steel Helmet with a Chin Strap, it will be attached to your helmet when it ships.  If you order a Plastic Helmet, the Chin Straps will be in the package and you will have to install them yourself.  I'll post a tutorial soon on how to do it!

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