About Us

SpatCave Studios is a Special Effects Makeup Studio that specializes in horror, monster, creature and injury makeups.  We also excel at making costumes and props, especially ones in the sci-fi genre.

Starting in 1998 or so, we decided to sit down and make a few sets of Marine armor for Halloween, and once people saw them, they kept asking for us to make a set for them.  Ultimately, we caved, and started offering them!

Since then we've made sooooo many suits for other fans all around the world, as well as some of the actors from the film, for the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game and for the Universal Studios AvP attraction.

We're constantly adding new items to the list and upgrading older items to make them more accurate.

Yes, the wait time is long.  But you're not just ordering a simple costume.  You're ordering a work of art.  And that takes time!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page as well.  That's where we'll post updates and new items first, as well as giving people an opportunity to watch their armor being built!



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