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I'm ordering from outside the US, how do I place an order? Your store doesn't calculate International shipping.

Yes it does! I've finally fixed it. Also it should work without a problem now to almost any Country on Earth!

Shipping to Europe is approximately $40, to Canada is $25, and to Asia is $50. Also, shipping in the US is $15. These prices are based on the USPS shipping charges and as they raise their prices, these prices may change. Ultimately, the PayPal check out store will charge the correct shipping costs.

Check the cost of shipping here: Shipping Rates.

Do you ship your kits to other countries?

Of course! Since this is a kit, and in kit form does not look anything like a firearm of any sort, we haven't had any problems (so far) shipping these kits to other countries. Just to be safe, please check with your local laws and Government Import laws before ordering this item.  Some Towns, Cities, States and Governments do not allow replicas of firearms to be owned, shipped or imported.  We are not responsible for kits seized by customs, or other agencies.  The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws where they live before order.

How do you ship the Kit and how long does it take?

In the US, I ship everything via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days). Internationally, I ship via USPS Airmail (generally 5-10 days). This does not include the time it takes for me to actually cast and prep your kit for shipping. That can take anywhere from 2 days to 8 weeks depending on how crazy things are here.

Rifle Info

What is the Kit made out of?

The Spulse kit is made up of 13 cast resin parts. I use Black resin because I hate making kits that are molded in white. This way, if any paint does chip off, it will show black underneath, not white. The kit is made of solid resin, no fillers are used, and the raw kit itself weighs 7 pounds. This is not cheap, brittle resin that will crack and chip as you assemble the rifle. I use only the highest quality materials with my kits.

How accurate is your Pulse Rifle to the ones used in the film?

I'd say it's about 90%. It's made from the same base components (Spas 12 cage, Thompson), and the other parts are hand sculpted to fit.

Can your Rifle be converted for Airsofting or Paintballing?

It could, but it would take more work that it would be worth. If you want a rifle for airsofting, check out some Airsofting websites, there are kits made to fit over Thompson Airsoft rifles. My kits are solid, so to fit this onto another rifle would involve a lot of routing and hollowing out. If you've got the free time, it can be done.

Does this kit have any working or moving parts?

No, it does not. If you have really good modelling skills then theoretically you could modify it to be a "working" kit, but it would take a lot more work than I would be willing to put into it. And I have no idea how to advise you to do it. These kits are made for the costumer who wants a nice solid Pulse Rifle to carry at cons that they won't have to worry about. Carrying a $4,000 fully functioning and awesome rifle to a con is cool, but if you drop it or if it breaks, you're out all that money. A low price, but high quality kit (like the Spulse) is the safer and easier alternative. It's also great as a wall hanger. Why spend all that money on a working rifle when it's just going to hang on the wall and never be touched? Seems smarter to me to get a low cost rifle that will look just as good on the wall, and save you a lot of money! But that's just me! Though I did recently add a working trigger to the kits!

Are there any websites for Costumers and Marines?

Sure! Check out Colonial Marines.net, and the Aliens Legacy Message Board.


How hard is it to build this kit?

Well, that depends on your skill level, and how much time you want to put into it. This is definitely not a kit for beginners. Just like with a plastic model kit, one person can build that kit in one night and have it look close to the pic on the box, while another person can spend a weekend on it and make it look better than the pic on the box, while still another can spend six months working on it and have it end up looking like a pile of black resin that's vaguely Pulse Rifle shaped. It's all about skill, and patience. There is a lot of sanding, drilling and clean up involved in building a resin kit, but it's not so difficult that it can't be completed by almost anyone in a weekend. Be sure to check out the Instructions Page and familiarize yourself with the tools needed BEFORE placing your order. I don't keep the assembly procedures a secret, and I do that for a reason. I want you to see what you're getting involved with before you place your order.

And now we have a series of Assembly Videos that you can check out!!

Ordering Info

Is there a discount if I order more than one kit, or if I order multiple things from your website?

Of course! E-mail me and we can discuss it.

Do you sell the Shoulder Lamp, Motion Tracker, or any other parts of the Marine gear like the Cloth parts, or boots?

Some of it yes! Check the SpatCave Store for more info.

How long does it take to make one Rifle kit?

Usually it takes 2-5 days depending on what other projects I'm working on. Unlike other resin kit makers, not only do I cast your kit, but I also pre-sand it, clean it up, and test fit it to ensure that it will go together well. And then there's always the making of the LED, which also takes time. But since this is not my full time job, this is just a hobby, there is a chance that it can take me up to 8 weeks before I have the time to get to your kit. I apologize for that, but sometimes my real life gets in the way of my hobbies.

I saw a Rifle kit on that Auction site for $XXX.XX. How come yours is so much more expensive?

As they say, you get what you pay for. I sell my kits for the minimum I can based on the cost of resin, The only way for me to make these kits cheaper would be to use really cheap resin, or pack it with fillers. Fillers are powders that are mixed with the liquid resin so you will use less resin in each pour. They make the final resin part a lot lighter, and less expensive, but also makes them very brittle, and can cause them to crack, splinter, or just plain disintegrate after you handle it for a while. If you really want to save some money, you can buy the cheaper kits, but you'll end up putting in more time working on it.

I saw a set of Rifle kit on that Auction site for $XXX.XX. How come yours is so much cheaper?

Other kits out there have moving parts, they fit onto airsoft rifles, or they are made of much higher grade materials than I use (injection molded plastics, or metal). A lot of those kits are a lot better than mine, and I freely admit that, and many are worth every penny. What I offer is a low cost alternative for those who can't afford a really expensive Pulse Rifle in kit form, or fully assembled. Be sure to check out the maker first, the guys here can help:

Colonial Marines.net, and the Aliens Legacy Message Board

They have reviewed every kit, or fully assembled Pulse Rifle out there. Be sure to do your homework before placing an order with anyone, even me!

Rifle Options

Can I get the LED Counter seperately?

Sure! Check out the SpatCave Store!

Can I get the Rifle built and assembled instead of in kit form?

No. While it really only takes a day or two to fully assemble one of these kits, I just don't have the time to put into it. Also, I suck at painting. You don't want a rifle painted by me.

What are the best colors to paint the Rifle?

Check out this great tutorial from Spellbinder.

Is there anyone out there who will build or paint my rifle kit for me?

Check out Screaming Eagle , he's in the UK, but can assemble and paint your kit really well, and for a reasonable price!

Can I get the LED to light up more red? It looks more yellow in the pics.

The rifles in the movie actually used a lens over the LED Counter to enhance the color. I suggest using a red or smoked clear piece of plastic over the LED to really make the colors POP! Staples sells small, clear plastic file folders in all different colors. Just cut a small square out and glue it over the LED and you're all set! Just make sure to use the correct glues! Krazy Glues shouldn't be used on electronics or clear plastic. White glue (Elmers) or some hobby glues that are made for clear parts will work best.

Can I add a sling to my Rifle ?

Sure! The easiest way is to use 2 eyelet bolts, but you could go out and pick up some real rifle sling mounts at a gun shop and use those instead. The original sling hooks were attached to the triangle vent on the barrel and the stock. On a resin kit, this type of attachment would really be unsafe and not a good idea. As these are both small parts that are attached to larger parts, putting the stress of a sling on them is just not smart. The best way to do it would be to move the sling hooks to the strongest parts of the kits, namely the back of the shroud, just forward of the stock, and the top of the SPAS cage (Grenade launcher area), right below the upper barrel. These spots will give you a lot more strength (assuming that the kit is properly screwed together) and should hold up fine. Of course, I still don't recommend that you swing the rifle by the sling, or put too much weight on it, or sooner or later it will break. Remember, this is a replica prop, not a real rifle.


What's going on with the Spulse Rifles now?

Well, after many years of faithful use, the molds I use to make the MK II Spulse Rifles need to be retired. I was going to just re-mold the parts into cleaner, newer molds, but decided to re-vamp the entire kit from scratch. So, what does that mean? That means that the MK III Spulse Rifle kit is now the only one we'll be offering anymore! It's been re-made from scratch to be even more accurate, clean, and easier to assemble than ever.

And now we're up to the MKIV Spulse with a working trigger! What will come next?!?!?!?



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