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A Boob Grab in progress!

Aiiigghh!!! It's Tanya!

"Talk to the hand!"

Is that your IQ or your butt plug?

"And with the new Subway Diet I lost 486 pounds in just 2 days! Thanks, Jared! "

Now that's an oral fixation I can live with!


Kathy giving Heather a massage while we all watch. Except for Gio, his phone call was apparently more important!

Sam and Rosa watching the festivities.

Sam with a Tan!

And then it was Spat Story Time.

Had to make sure you all got the whole Heather experience.


Gio still on the phone.

Kathy sticking her thumb up her nose.

And then waving her penis at us!

Richie seems to be enjoying watching Heather and Kathy hug. Have you noticed how many times Kathy has changed clothes so far tonight?

Awww... Girls hugging. Mmmm...

TIme to clean up a little.

And what party would be complete without a shot of Eric's ass?

That just looks naughty.

Well, I think everyone had a great time at the BBQ, and the Spat Burgers went over really well. Every one had a little bit of Spat baked right in! So a few people did have to have their stomachs pumped...


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