SpatCave BBQ



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Sad, isn't it?

And afterwards, it's time for a smoke!

She almost looks innocent here, huh?

Kathy trying on a hair clip that Heather made.

Cat wearing a Heather Hair Clip.

Why does Kathy look so scared?

That's right folks, you too can own your very own Heather Hair Clip! Just drop an e-mail to Spat for more info!

Heather modelling the big Hair Clip! She also makes Chokers!

Even Stormtroopers like them!

Finally, Drew was voted off the island.

And Cat used that as the excuse to drink more!

It looks like Tony has his testicles in some sort of safety device!

Tony decided to take Heather for a ride on his bike!

Yes, folks, it was hot that night.

After 20 minutes, he got the bike started.

Then spent 20 more minutes getting the intercom system to work.

Then deafened poor Heather.

"C'mon, let me drive! I saw a motorcycle trick in Matrix Reloaded that I really want to try!"

And they're off!

And they're back!

And poor Heather is spent.

See you at the next one!


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