SpatCave BBQ



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Once again it's time for a Spat BBQ!!

Heather molesting a Vintage Stormtrooper toy. Does that increase the value, or do the Heather cooties make it worthless?

Rich! He really looks like he's happy!

Dan brought a bunch of toys over to sell off. It became a Star Wars Geek Swap meet!

Kathy, Heather and Cat.

Mmmm... Spat Burger. It's teh secret Spat Sauce that makes it so good!


Oooh! Poster!

Lunchie Munchies!

I guess Tim bought the poster!


Mmm... Spat... Burgers....

Pippy Longstocking!

Kathy showing off her SpatCave Tattoo!

Toy looters!

Star Wars watch!

Kathy haggling over the watch.

My pool! See, being a smoker, it's impossible for me to inflate it without killing myself!

My new Trooper toy.

Kathy looks like she's got a naughty plan brewing!

Dan, Dan the Toy Man!

Heather playing nice for once.

She looks so innocent. But we all know how evil she is.

Damn! That Trooper may never find his way out!

Stormtrooper toy boob grab!!

Is he smoking, or pretending it's a lightsaber?

Heather digging the toys.

I don't think he needed a hat...

Stormtroopers get all the chicks. And all the Trooper Groupies!

Heather with her itty bitty gun.

I don't know if it's penis envy, or just cruelty, but for some reason it seems like women live to do really bad things to my crotch.

Yeah! Yank her pony tails!

How far with Kathy go with this? Check out page 2 to find out!


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