"Solomon's Requiem" Costumes and Props


These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Solomon's Requiem"

"Solomon's Requiem" is an Alberto Martinez Production. It's a Zombie film being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do costumes, props and special effects make-up for the film.

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Johnny detailing John's Burned Zombie make-up. Then I come in and cover John with blood!

Zombies on parade!

And here's Johnny's big death scene!

Dead Johnny!

Our Zombie's all bloody.

Some group shots.

Zombies attacking the car.

Goth Zombie.

And then comes the removal! Here's Johnny taking off the Big Mouth Girl's appliance.

I'm taking off the Blue Zombie's make-up.

And John is helping the Grandma out of her make-up.


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