"Solomon's Requiem" Costumes and Props


These are items made for an upcoming film titled "Solomon's Requiem"

"Solomon's Requiem" is an Alberto Martinez Production. It's a Zombie film being shot in and around New York. SpatCave was hired to do costumes, props and special effects make-up for the film.

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Hospital Scene!

It's like looking into a mirror!

Heather and I applying and painting Zombie Make-Up on Brendan.

Pretty, ain't he?

Too bad he couldn't wear the contacts...

And finally removing it when the shots are all done.

Wee! I'm helping!

Dr. Leon, OB-GYN.

Nurse Dana.


Vinny interviewing Dana.

Dana and her stunt double.

And now she's covered in blood!

So now it's time for her make-up! This was Heather's first make-up job that she did all by herself!

Nice job!

Remnants in the bathroom.

Niall the Cop getting the hickey from hell!

Marco in his 3 reposes. Normal, dead, and undead!

Steve! The head! Steve and the head!

Zombie Pile-On!!


Yummy. Tastes like people.

And finally, Steve is dead. Long live Steve!


More to come...


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