Shore Leave

7/09/05 - 7/10/05

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As the typical costumed Star Trek fan, I'm wearing a very well made costume top, over jeans and sneakers. OUCH!!

Rich, very confused that I've switched teams on him. I wonder how long it will be until he gets a Klingon costume now...

Chicks dig the costume.

Especially Scary Lightsaber Chicks.

When I drink, I dance. That's the rule.

For a while I thought she was just wearing Mardi Gras beads as a top. I was so impressed.

A picture of a picture!! Oh no!

"I'm not having a seizure, I'm dancing, get away from me!"

"Not you, you can stay!"

Dancing with Nat. Notice how she's pointing to her boobs. I think she's telling me that they are off limits.

Dancing, dancing, dancing!

Dickie and Zippy!

"So, come back to my room, and I'll show you my etchings..."

Gotta love the girls of Fandom.

"I lost a contact lens, don't move, it may be stuck on your body somewhere..."

Dancing girls!

Tye must taste really good. I have no idea why I'm biting him.

Belly Dancers!! You go, girl!

Me and Matt! He was also shocked that I was in Klingon gear.

Matt got his costume back.

Tye drinking what appears to be a Mojito.

Ken drinking what appears to be Ketchup.


Gelf and his gang playing music.

Me with a pirate flag up my ass. I assume since they planted their flag, they own me now.

Gotta love the strange t-shirt people wear at conventions.

The next day it was time to head back home. I had to stop off at my moms first to pick up Belle!

Belle! She missed me so, as you can tell.

Near my mom's house there was a classic car show going on, so we headed over to get a bite to eat.

Classic cars!

Belle discovered how much she loves Sausage and Pepper heros. She ate more than I did that day!

My mom feeding the dog ON the table.

Belle casually working her way over to the beer...

And some more classic cars.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoyed! And a big thanks to Vic for getting me a room, and to Miles and Jim for keeping my bar tab so low!

See you at the next one!


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