Shore Leave

7/09/05 - 7/10/05


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Well, as it's summer, it's time once again for Shore Leave! I wasn't planning on going, but Friday night, Vic called and said he had a room, so Saturday morning, I hopped in the Spatmobile, dropped Belle off with my mom, and drove down to Baltimore!

First stop - The Bar! Actually, it was pretty much the first, last and only stop. Besides the bathroom, and a brief trip to 10 Forward.

That's right, cameras do steal your soul!

Whatchu want Grizzly Adams?

Ken in his Mara Jade costume.

Frank and Keith at the bar.

Rich and Frank looking very scared.

Nat just in from being out in the sun. Nice tan!


Mmm... Chick Troopers.

Dickie getting his drink on.

Karen sporting her classic Trek chick costume.

Open WIDE!!

Miles being a good sport and wearing his SpatCave t-shirt! Represent!

The bar flies.

Joe tickling my chin as his con-virgin girlfriend watches in horror.

"Get that camera out of my face!"

Jim took more convincing, but finally wore the shirt!

It's that crazy State Trooper again!

And he flashed me his package.

Sarah and Yoda.

Why is it that whenever I drink, I end up making out with a puppet?

Cool hat, huh?

It gets me all the chicks.

And then I make them pose for me!

Ok, 2 bad shots. It's a new camera, and I'm still getting used to it.

"Behold! The Holy Grail!"

I'm very friendly when I'm drunk as well.

Surfing with Danny Strong (Buffy).

Looks like Danny is moving in for a Boob Grab!

Matt!! The Klingon Master!!

Cleavage shot for the fans as I haven't posted one in a while.

Scary Lightsaber Chick.

Scary Lightsaber Chick with Matt.

"Pull over!!"

Well, there goes another thing I said I'd nver do.... But at least it's a "Male" costume.


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