Starfleet Paintball Game

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Kathy giving Vic the Andorian Antennae's.

Vic again.

Me looking for a clean shot.

The guys with the Orange things on their heads are stunned enemies. We killed a lot of people that day!

Tony waiting for the action to start up again.

Tony getting his wish granted.

Tony and I posing with our trophy, Kathy!

Not to brag, but I didn't get shot for the first time until 4pm! Considering that the games started at about 10 am, not a bad day of paintball!

After the game, we showered up, and went to go visit some friends of Johns who were in PA as well.

Now this is my kind of PARTY!!

The Paintball Champions!

Tony enjoying his trophy, an Andorian Antennae!

We found out later that there is now a Bounty on our heads for the next game! Something like 5 cases of beer for anyone who kills us. I may have to shoot myself in the foot just so I can get the beer!


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