Starfleet Paintball Game



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When Victor and Kathy invited us to the Poconos to play Paintball with them, I'm sure they didn't expect what was about to happen.

The game is actually a Star Trek Live Action Role Playing Game done on the Paintball field. It's a little different from a regular Paintball game, and it's also different from a regular LARP.

John, Tony and I went up there, and were assigned to the Klingon team since they didn't show up for this one. We didn't expect much, just a day outdoors shooting at people. :)

Pictures are from me and John, and all the pics on the field were taken by Szilvia with my camera.


Tony and I having breakfast before the game.

Tony Gearing up.

Teddy ready for action!

Spat Self shot!

Lunch break!

Kathy the Human Target.

Klingons Represent!

Victor (I shot him in the face!)

Kathy and Victor planning ouot how to kill us.


Tony after calling himself out after shooting someone under 20 feet away (field rule). This is of course AFTER we wiped out the entire team of Andorians!

Me standing watch.

Victor getting ready to be killed.


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